DCP Bringing Parking Reform to Downtown Brooklyn

The Department of City Planning has put forward a proposal, the details of which are not yet available, to reform Downtown Brooklyn's parking minimums. Map of area where parking rules would be altered: DCP

Downtown Brooklyn could finally get a reprieve from the onerous and outdated parking requirements that have forced developers to build costly, anti-urban garages which sit unused.

A new DCP proposal filed earlier this week is described online as a “text amendment to modify the off-street parking regulations of the special Downtown Brooklyn district.” There’s not much more information available yet, and the Department of City Planning has not responded to Streetsblog inquiries. It’s not yet clear whether the proposal eliminates or reduces the parking minimums, for example, though it appears any rewrite will be limited to the core Downtown Brooklyn area rezoned in 2004.

Downtown Brooklyn would be the first neighborhood to have its parking minimums reduced under the Bloomberg administration. Parking reform was fast-tracked for the neighborhood thanks to sustained pressure from local developers and the business community, as well as support from the local City Council Member, Steve Levin. As Crain’s has reported, the area is pockmarked by half-empty garages that developers never wanted to build.

Parking reform for other “inner ring” neighborhoods near the Manhattan core may still be in the cards at a later date, depending on local politics.

The City Planning Commission will review the parking reforms in its meeting Monday afternoon, after which the proposal would need a vote in the City Council to become law.

  • Anonymous

    How long does that tail run down 4th Avenue? I hope it goes pretty far down.

  • Anonymous

    @Geck: That 4th Avenue tail is a separate special district. The parking reforms, I’m assuming, just cover the Downtown Brooklyn zone. But we’ll know more on Monday. 

  • Brooklyner

    About fucking time. What took so long, Amanda? Much of this district is winding down a massive 15-year development boom and a lot of the streetscape is already pretty well wrecked by parking.

  • Ben Kintisch

    Whenever I hear about this somewhat wonky discussion going back and forth about parking minimums and under-utilized parking spaces, I get all nostalgic for the big bike parking garages in Amsterdam. That’s my kind of garage!

  • This is great news. The Mets have pitched a no-hitter and Amanda Burden is finally going to get some kind of parking reform enacted into law.