Eyes on the Street: Fowler Square Plaza Opens in Fort Greene

The Fowler Square pedestrian plaza debuted today and is already being used. Photo: ##http://www.brownstoner.com/blog/2012/05/pedestrian-street-painted-in-at-fowler-square/##Brownstoner##

Fort Greene’s newest public plaza opened today and Brownstoner was on the scene to capture the moment. The plaza, which reclaimed space for pedestrians on a short, lightly-trafficked block of South Elliott Place between Fulton Street and Lafayette Avenue, connects the sidewalk to an existing public triangle.

Even though construction only finished today (because the plaza materials are epoxy, gravel, granite blocks and planters, it only took about a week to install, Brownstoner reported), it’s already getting use. One of those now-iconic folding tables had a crowd of people gathered around it.

At the request of the community board, DOT will be evaluating the impact of the street reclamation on traffic flows and pedestrian life over the summer.

In addition to creating new public space, the plaza shortened this crosswalk on Lafayette Avenue, improving pedestrian safety. Photo: Brownstoner
  • Anonymous

    Where will the crazed bike zealot strike next? 

  • Ben from Bed Stuy

    Yay for public plazas.

  • J

    Check out how “countrified” the area looks now, whatever that means. Jokes aside, this is great for the neighborhood.

  • They should really secure the tables. Someone might steal them.

  • fj

    Great stuff!  We must make all our public space safe for everyone. 

    Since about 80% of NYC’s public space is its streets virtually monopolized by extremely dangerous cars, this is big job that must happen quickly. 

    Many lives are at stake as is the rapid transition to the type rational built environment that will bring us into a much more successful future.

  • Anonymous

    Please bring this to Isham St/W 212th St and Broadway in Inwood….

  • I use this space weekly, it’s great.  Especially on Saturdays.  The parade of people walking to the Flea are much fun.