Caption Contest: Chuck Schumer Rides the Prospect Park West Bike Lane

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Looks like protected bike infrastructure is growing on Chuck Schumer. High-powered backchannel NIMBY assault notwithstanding, New York’s senior senator apparently does enjoy riding the bike lane in his front yard, as you can see in this Sunday morning photo courtesy of fellow PPW resident Paul Steely White.

So, when will the rest of Streetsblog’s 2011 April Fools Day post come true?

Caption submissions welcome in the comments. Winner will be selected and posted tomorrow.

  • Oulanger

    …what, this is the bike track I was complaining about?!…I thought this was a green money sidewalk especially built for politicians use.

  • Oulanger

    Another pedestrian about to dart into a cyclist…Chuck is helping the boost the reportedly high crash rate of this bike track…by riding back and forth infront of his home.

  • • I picture him as Kevin Bacon and Iris as Whitney Kershaw (in cat’s-eye glasses) up in their PPW loft, struggling with their conflicting desires to tune of a cheesy late-1980s power ballad.  Alas, the soundtrack to _Quicksilver_ can only work so much magic, and inevitably she demands that he make a choice:  it’s her or the bicycle.

    Which brings us to the next scene (and our caption):  Chuck riding away down the PPW bike lane on a fixed-gear Raleigh (albeit with a freewheel sound, added by a foley artist), to a more honest life as a bike messenger wearing Converse All-Stars

  • Ibrand

    By riding on the right side of the bike lane, Chuck is demonstrating safe biking rules.
    Good for you, Chuck!!

  • s.begonia

    “No comment.”

    And let the irony speak for itself. 🙂

  • Michael

    Chuck’s wife was violently opposed to the bike lane. Hypocisy by Schumer…? Priceless.