Productive Exchange of Ideas Breaks Out at Fort Greene Plaza Workshop

This piece of alarmism was produced by an entity known as FACT, believe it or not.

The reports are in, and it seems like Fort Greene residents were able to have a productive workshop with NYC DOT and the Fulton Area Business Alliance (FAB) last night to discuss the new public plaza planned for Fowler Square. A reader informs us that aside from a few minutes of haranguing from a few individuals, attendees could sit down together and share ideas.

Previous public meetings for both the Fowler Square plaza and the recently opened plaza by Putnam Avenue in Clinton Hill have been ambushed by Schellie Hagan, an opponent of plazas and FAB who goes by the acronym FACT (Fulton Area Coming Together). As you can see from this Hagan flyer that our reader sent along, FACT is really all about bringing the Fulton area together by informing everyone of the facts.

After all, how could Fulton Street withstand another project to “split a neighborhood apart” like the “leisure class” plaza that opened at Putnam Avenue last year?

While a successful anti-plaza campaign would deprive residents of a community space open to all, that hasn’t stopped Hagan from trying to co-opt Occupy Wall Street and the 99 Percent movement, as you can see in her full flyer after the jump…

  • Danny G

    Totally should’ve used justify alignment on that poster instead of left alignment.

  • Joe

    Well. That’s certainly…something. 

  • Glenn

    Here’s an idea for FACT if they really care about a better local funding system for Business Improvement Districts – advocate for market rate curbside parking fees that pay for the FAB budget.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t see what any of this drivel has to do with creating a public plaza at Fowler Square. The EXACT same thing was done 3 blocks down the road at Cuyler Gore Park where a tiny segment of Cumberland Street was closed to expand the existing park:
    “The park was expanded in 1983 with the closing of a portion of
    Cumberland Street and the assignment of a parcel on Carlton Avenue.”
    This anti-BID stuff is all a distraction from what’s being proposed here – improving the public space for all in the neighborhood.

  • They could have done a lot of things to make those poster look better.

  • J

    A quick google search for Schellie Hagan paints a picture of local a crank who opposes everything. She was against the BID, and now she is, by default, against everything the BID is involved in. This type of scorched-earth strategy is very similar to the Republican (and Tea Party) strategy of vehemently opposing every Obama initiative, regardless of costs and benefits. Others have pointed out that in this instance, she hasn’t really made a logical argument against the plaza, which makes it very hard to take her seriously. As the Patch wrote, this plaza is happening, folks.

  • awesome video! I ride by that plaza on my way home. sorry i missed that party! Bed Stuy and Fulton St need even more places like this one for people to sit outside and chill. 


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