Today’s Headlines

  • NBBL Keeps Acting Like Nobody Knows Their Lawsuit Was a Cynical PR Stunt (Bklyn Paper, Observer)
  • Cyclist Slain By Hit-and-Run Driver on Staten Island Identified as Ron Tillman (News, Post)
  • On Behalf of the Subway-Riding Class, Clyde Haberman Takes Down House Transpo Bill (City Room)
  • More on the NYC Region’s Bipartisan Alliance Against the House Attack on Transit (Daily Politics)
  • Only One Way to Fix the Atlantic Yards Parking Disaster: Eliminate the Parking (Post)
  • Great Column About NYC Biking Marred By Ignorance of Public Process for Bike Lanes (NYT Well)
  • Cuomo: 119,000 Distracted Driving Tickets Issued Since Passage of Beefed-Up Law (Daily Politics)
  • Two More Ex-Govs Pick Apart the Cuomo/Christie Hatchet Job on Chris Ward (Transpo Nation)
  • Lhota: Let’s Not Ban Food on the Subway (NYT)
  • Bike-Share Will Be a Godsend on Nights When Subway Lines Shut Down for Maintenance (News)

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  • moocow

    Eric, your quote in the Brooklyn Paper is awesome, I laughed out loud. Thank you for it.
    Also, someone called for a debate between NBBLEr heavies and Eric. I’d pay to see that!

  • ddartley

    If you look at what Gingrich really said (to be fair, his elites/transit quote has been misrepresented a bit), he’s actually right:  transit riders do have it better than drivers, EVEN in spite of all the junk they put up with that Haberman mentions.  If only more Republicans (and @#$% Democrats) would realize that, and work to make transit a more available option for more people.

  • dporpentine

    With the NBBL business, note that it’s Gibson Dunn attorney Georgia Winston who’s named as the lawyer in the case. Interestingly, Streetsblog postings used to come up very prominently in searches for her name–in part, I think, because of deliberate Google-baiting, like writing “Gibson Dunn attorney Georgia Winston” over and over in every possible post. I suspect someone paid to have those posts pushed out of early Google hits. I’m going to do my best to undo that.

  • ddartley

    For car lovers:

    The only unreal part is when the car alarm actually alerts the car owner AND thwarts a perp.  Neither has ever happened in the history of the world, let alone both.

  • Larry Littlefield

    On the Atlantic Yards parking, in light of what seems to be a major shift in modal share as reflected at Yankee Stadium, you’d think the state would let them start with less parking and add more only if needed.   Of course this would be considered an “environmental impact” if it were not tried first and shown to be better.

  • Mbft

    Not too many things worse then to be on a crowded train as some starts to eat a McDonald’s burger or toss some finished chicken bones under the seat.

  • Anonymous

    The total cynic in me thinks that if all transportation infrastructure, including roads are allowed to crumble away, people will start working from home more, and living within walking and biking distance of the amenities they need–like in the olden days.

  • Joe R.

    I agree, station44025. There are so many jobs these days where the person sits in front of a computer all day which can easily be done from home. Employers would even save on renting office space. Why there isn’t a wholesale move towards working at home is beyond me. The former office space in turn could be converted to affordable housing (i.e. real affordable housing, not the so-called “affordable” housing being built which still has rents in excess of $1000 a month) , something NYC desperately needs.

  • fj

    . . . combined models generated 45,000 synthetic storms with a 200-kilometer radius of Battery Park, at the southern tip of Manhattan.

    With climate change, today’s ‘100-year floods’ may happen every three to 20 years: research



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