This Valentine’s Day, Declare Your Love For the Most Beautiful Street

Vote for which street is ## most beautiful##.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, here is a new and interesting way to compare streets. At, you can compare 200 randomly selected streets in Philadelphia, plucked from Google Street View, two at a time. Vote for the most beautiful and two more images pop up for you to compare.

The site was designed by OpenPlans (disclosure: OpenPlans is Streetsblog’s parent organization), which hopes to use variations on this tool as a dynamic way to get community input about street designs. Planners and community organizations could ask not only which street is more beautiful, but which one looks safer or more appropriate for a particular neighborhood.

In the meantime, it’s a semi-addictive way of thinking about urban design. How will you compare, say, a lushly wooded parkside avenue with the dense and bustling commercial area?

  • I notice that there are some roads in there, road != street

  • Hmm, that was pretty depressing… I don’t think I saw a single street that merits the description “beautiful,” or even “nice”… maybe “least horrifying”?

  • IsaacB

    It could use a “both are beautiful” and a “both suck” in addition to the “skip” function.

    There’s a great one of a “no-pedestrians-use crosswalk-arrow” sign, on an intersection with a “zebra” crosswalk marking. Philly and South Jersey seem to put up “no peds” signs on a lot of intersections.

  • I saw plenty of streets that I thought were beautiful.  Yes there were too many roads included but is there a way to randomly select only streets from google street view without eliminating road like streets?  There were also plenty of road like streets.  

  • Ryan Ng

    Streets cannot be beautiful. Although I’d say that both streets are ugly. There were some street views elsewhere I thought were beautiful, like the intersection of Woodhaven Boulevard and Union Turnpike in Queens, NY.

  • None of these is beautiful.

  • Ian Turner

    I tried this and got to compare an interstate highway with an industrial alley.


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