Today’s Headlines

  • Tappan Zee DEIS Fails to Explain Cost of Transit or How to Fund Bloated Road (MTR)
  • Quinn State of the City Doesn’t Mention Transportation, Urban Planning (NYT)
  • Tappan Zee Bidders Are Same Companies With Massive Cost Overruns on Nearby Projects (LoHud)
  • Andrea Bernstein Explains How House Transpo Bill Would Batter NYC (WNYC)
  • Port Authority Audit Intended to Allow Governors to “Dismantle an Institution” (Crain’s)
  • Driver Injures Cyclist at Vanderbilt and Myrtle (Patch)
  • A Billboard Fell Onto a Highway? Vacca Is on It (News)
  • Albany Democrats Want Independent Inspector General for NYPD (NYT)
  • Lizardo Aldana, 89-Year-Old Killed By Driver, Stayed in City to Stay Independent (Post)
  • Growth of Digital, Creative Firms Helped Make Hudson Square a Bike Neighborhood (DNAinfo)
  • NYC DOT Wins Plaudits For Embracing Technology (Thirteen)

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  • Glenn

    There seems to be a clear policy niche for a Mayoral candidate to win transit riders with. Given that transit riders are a majority of NYC, and probably Dem primary voters, someone who really champions their interests would have a real shot at differentiating themselves from the pack. Scott Stringer could be that candidate if Quinn wants to focus on “perceived” motorist needs.

    Ultiminately, there’s a very simple cohesive transportation strategy that does serve the needs of all street users, stimulates local businesses and has good majority polling data from Quinnipiac.

    * Build out the bike lane network (and bike share) to provide a healthy alternative for people to move around the city and extend the reach of mass transit.
    * Encourage affordable mass transit to move people around the city efficiently with appropriate levels of service 24/7
    * Penalize dangerous and obnoxious motorist behavior that frustrate other street users including other motorists
    * Focus on improving safety of most vulnerable street users – disabled, elderly, children, pedestrian/cyclists

  • Mbft

    “Growth of Digital, Creative Firms Helped Make Hudson Square a Bike Neighborhood”

    This kind of reenforces the idea that bicycles are for upper middle class yuppies. Mostly white too.

  • Guest

    The Myrtle ave collision sounds like it was caused by the car’s failure to yield to the oncoming cyclist when turning left.   I only say this because it happens to me ALL the time.  If you’re lucky enough that the driver actually signaled their turn, then they act like the turn signal is the “get out of my way you stupid bike” warning.

  • paul

    right on, Glenn.  in the poll we did recently of super prime voters, it was striking how transit oriented voters are, even those who own cars and drive. only 12% of NYC voters identify “car” as their primary mode.  even more striking is the extent the electorate holds the Mayor  accountable for the state of our transit system, much more so than the governor or the state legislature who are of course really responsible.  recognizing this reality, in addition to the things you listed, the mayor can play a leadership role in expanding/accelerating roll out of SBS and coordinate DCP, DOF and OMB to make ‘value capture’ transit financing a reality.  and of course, use the bully pulpit to greater effect to hold the fare and prevent service cuts. 

  • Larry Littlefield

    Perhaps someone looking for a “big idea” could adopt the “give the City of New York control of the buses AND the city’s MTA payroll tax revenue and tell the suburbs to shut up” policy.  He or she could also demand that the LIRR and MetroNorth cover the same share of their expenses as the subway.

  • RE “Driver Injures Cyclist at Vanderbilt and Myrtle”: why do journalists always double up on passive voice when reckless drivers hit pedestrians and cyclists?  Thanks for phrasing it clearly here, but the driver was nowhere to be found in the Patch article…


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