Today’s Headlines

  • Delancey Street Improvements Likely to Be Small But Fast (DNAinfo)
  • Port Authority Audit, Meant to Smear Ex-Director, Finds Big Overruns (Capital NY)
  • More Slow Zone Applications: Brooklyn Heights, Boerum Hill, Park Slope (Bklyn Ink)
  • Driver Hits and Kills 89-Year-Old In Astoria, Tries to Flee Scene (News)
  • Bay Ridge Pols and Merchants Try Again for Summer Streets (Bklyn Paper)
  • Advocate Makes Case For Bikes Over Trains on Queens Rockaway Branch (News)
  • Four Teams Cleared to Bid on Tappan Zee Reconstruction (Record)
  • Patch: Bring Bike-Share to Forest Hills?
  • New York Gas Prices Could Top $4 a Gallon This Summer (Post)
  • The Met Has Big Plans For Its Sidewalks (NYT)

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  • Crossing Delancey

    “Shortly after Santana was killed last month, Assembly Speaker Sheldon
    Silver wrote a letter to DOT Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan asking for crossing guards and longer walk signals on Delancey Street.

    He is yet to receive a response.”

    This is really outrageous.  DOT hired a corps of pedestrian safety managers in response to one politically motivated Daily News editorial about “pedestrian perdition” on the Manhattan Bridge, even though there had been no deaths, just the random complaint of an editor who got yelled at by a cyclist one day.

    But a little girl died crossing the street and there’s no response to Silver and no pedestrian safety managers deployed to keep people alive?  How tone deaf can the DOT be? 

    If the DOT wants to disprove the meme that it does not listen to the community, this is not helping.


  • Larry Littlefield

    Perhaps DOT realizes they aren’t going to be criticized by politicians, or newspapers, because pedestrians are run down by cars, but only because pedestrians feel bothered by cyclists.  Look what happened in Boro Park.

  • Zenobiaznb

    Sad about the 89 year old. 

     I see all the many old folks in Queens- Rego Park and Forest Hills -shuffling around  with their walkers and canes, dazed and somewhat confused, trying to cross  dangerous streets such as the horrible Queens Boulevard. Why? I don’t know. 

    Than you have the irresponsible and arrogant drivers from eastern Europe with their expensive hulking   SUVs, speeding like crazy, going the wrong way on one way streets(!!), making fast and sharp turns even when pedestrians have the right of way..

    RIP old guy. 

  • Anonymous

    What’s most frustrating about Delancey, is that someone important snaps a finger, and whispers “terrorism/security” and they DOT act and act fast.  Just look at how quick (and probably expensive) they put in all those concrete barriers at the base of the WillyB.  Just like that.  Whereas when you advocate for livable streets (CPW Bikelane), it takes forever, and then you still get crapped on (James Vacca pushing the mandatory outreach for bike lanes bill, NBBL etc . . . .), regardless of all the outreach.

    People who live in the LES have made it known for quite some while that Delancey isn’t safe.  But it takes the foreseeable death of a child and then finally, we get some snap improvements.  Even though, such improvements are marginal.  It just kills me the redesign of the base.  They force us into traffic and/or on to side streets we don’t want to take, when, it’s quite obvious to those that know the area, that the only solution is one where we have a bike blvd from the WillyB to Bowery (and eliminate a lane or two of parking).  Fine.  It’s nice we’ll have longer cross times.  About time.  But, it’ll still be a shit show.  They need flashing lights and speed bumps.  They have rumble strips for bikes going down the WillyB.  Why don’t we have those for cars going down?  They fly off and on.

  • J

    @JarekAF:disqus Just to be clear, it was the feds who mandated the security measures at all the bridge entrances. 

    I’m holding my judgement until after DOT presents its plan. I’ll take permanent physical safety improvements over crossing guards any day. It’s nearly impossible to continue to pay for that type of service for an extended period of time, but ped refuges are a one time expense, and a self-enforcing solution. This is the same logic behind support for protected bike lanes over increased police enforcement of existing bike lanes.

  • comment

    Rebuild of the Metropolitan Museum plaza.  How about some provision for bike parking??  I rode there last summer and guess what?  There is not one place to lock up.  I had to walk about three blocks just to find a street sign to lock up my bike.

  • @716675fed831ec664ad30f93e586de7c:disqus Lets be fair now, there are plenty of American born drivers in luxury SUV’s driving recklessly and endangering the good people of Astoria(many of whom are eastern European).  And it isn’t Luxury SUV’s either, its sports cars, taxis, fiats beaters, etc.  
    It is good to know my neighbors would stand up and stop the driver from fleeing to the scene.

  • Anonymous

    TZ Bridge: I hope everyone here is getting their friends to let our elected officials know we don’t want this overbuilt, car-only boondoggle.  Since $30 tolls are never going to happen, the bridge cost will eat into our MTA budgets.  

    Does Cuomo think the TZ Bridge is his “can-do” moment, where he shows future midwestern voters he can be Prez in 2016?  Please circulate these to everyone you know!  The clock is ticking….www.brtonthebridge.org

  • Shemp

    JarekAF, what do you mean?  Planning for the concrete walls and bollards around the WBB entrances started around 2002.  

  • IsaacB

    Advocate Makes Case For Bikes Over Trains on Queens Rockaway Branch

    No. An advocate made a PLEA for a bike trail. I suspect that the main selling point for a trail over the Rockaway is to torpedo attempts to RESTORE rail on it (which will, no doubt, impact the value of homes immediately bordering the line). That same motivation would preclude a public trail in these people’s backyards. Don’t be surprised when “trail advocates” slink away once their main threat (rail service) is neutralized.  

  • Anonymous

    IsaacB, not sure I follow. Is restored train service on the table?  Does access to public transit hurt property value in Rockaway? As a surfer I’ve considered moving there for many years, but it’s such a pain in the ass to get to I’ve never done it. I also know the Rock is generally unwelcoming to anyone from off the peninsula, so is that why they don’t want another train?

  • Anonymous

    On trains vs. bikes: the industrial businesses in the Ballard area of Seattle actually got together, bought a train and have operated it on previously unused rails on sort of a hobby basis since the early 90s solely to prevent the Burke-Gilman BIke Trail from being completed through their district.  I think that has to take the cake as most convoluted and expensive anti-bike strategy ever.

  • IsaacB

    @station44025:disqus There is a nascent movement afoot to restore operation of rail over the Rockaway Branch. This line is not on the Rockaway Peninsula proper, but in Rego Park and other Queens neighborhoods en-route to the Rockaways.


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