Today’s Headlines

  • CB 4 Chair: Put Bike-Share Stations on Street, Not Sidewalk (Transpo Nation)
  • Advocates: Reactivate Rockaway Branch, Create Rego Park Transit Hub (News)
  • Try to Expand Rail Freight, Get Investigated by the Assembly (NYT)
  • Crash Videos Don’t Show Lefevre Trying to Pass Truck on Right (NYT)
  • Drunk Driver Gets Five Years Probation for Killing Six-Year-Old in Queens (Post)
  • Staten Island Advance Isn’t Content With New Toll Discounts, Wants More (12)
  • Buffalo and Niagara Falls Riders Rally for Albany to Support Transit (WIVB)
  • Someone Is Either Stealing Ghost Bikes, Or Pretending To (Gothamist)
  • Chris Christie Turns Port Authority Into Patronage Machine (Transpo Nation)
  • NYPD to Expand Presence on Navy Street Overpass (Bklyn Paper)
  • LeBron to Reporters: “You Guys Drove Here? You Guys Are Crazy” (WSJ)

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  • fj

    Al Gore:  “warnings that the New York City subway system and tunnels into the city could be flooded”

    Curious, don’t remember anything mentioned at recent Manhattan Borough President’s transportation conference.  Guess it’s not that important.

  • Matt Killmoto

    RE: NYPD @ Navy St Overpass.  It’s sad how, when a man on a bike is nearly killed with a brick, there’s nothing.  But toss some fruit at a couple cars, and the cops are right on it.  

    Where are those priorities exactly? 

  • ddartley

    Sorry if cross-posting comments is a breach of etiquette, but:
    “I’ll keep harping on this:
    Any place where large numbers of people (e.g., a residential complex or a hospital) are cut off from surrounding areas by “superblocks,” those people deserve bike share stations because for years or decades, they’ve had to travel way out of their way to get anywhere. That’s thousands of victims of 1950s urban planning.Please consider voting for two such site suggestions below; also, suggest similar locations you know.First, dense housing cut off by Lincoln Center:, NYU Medical Center, where thousands of visitors and staff are cut off from the rest of the city by the impermeable, 3-block Superblock “Kips Bay Towers:”

  • Albert

    Regarding siting bike-share stations on “the street” as opposed to “the sidewalk”—

    Any bike-share stations wresting public space from cars and restoring it to non-drivers has my vote!

  • Anonymous

    It seems that issues like bus service in Buffalo, Niagara Falls or anywhere is going to be hurt by the subsidy of road projects like the Tappan Zee Bridge.  Somebody needs to connect the dots, because judging from comments in that Buffalo news story, they’re not doing it up there.


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