Caption Contest: Tappan Zee Outreach Gone Fishin’

Until last fall, the state’s planning for a new Tappan Zee Bridge was a model of public outreach. It included over 280 public meetings and one outreach center open full-time on each side of the bridge.

Under Governor Andrew Cuomo, however, the project has been “fast-tracked.” Transit was axed from the bridge and the project is hurtling forward without basic information being provided to the public. Tellingly, the outreach centers have been shuttered; shown above is the Nyack site as of yesterday.

The sign in the window says “Space For Rent.” Let us know in the comments what it should really say.

  • Steely

    Coming soon: casino

  • IsaacB

    “Never underestimate the power of a shiny dangling object”.

  • Guest

    Public office for rent

  • The Snark

    “Like a (troubled) bridge over troubled waters…”

  • So is all this insanity having any measurable effect on Cuomo’s reputation?  Is it only transit-blogs that have noticed the harm he’s causing?

  • Eric McClure


  • run while you can

    “We are preparing for the $30 tolls by moving offices to the other side of the bridge”

  • Anonymous

    “If you believe in the promises of elected officials then I have a bridge to sell you. Seriously, will anyone buy this bridge?”

  • J

    The Andrew Cuomo Office of Transparency and Sustainability (Closed)

  • KeNYC2030

    Planet for Sale: Contact A. Cuomo, Director of Political Expediency

  • PostItChild

    Sorry, but we have moved. Please find us at 4001 Pennsylvannia Ave beginning in January 2016. — Andrew and friends

  • Andrew

    @bf8fc5acbc1fa5a5b33ef3743533b5af:disqus Wouldn’t it be embarrassing if he lost the New York vote?

  • JWirtz79

    EIS For Sale
    Customized for Your Opinion

  • KAS

    Thank you for wasting your time with us


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