Today’s Headlines

  • Cuomo: Casino Operator Genting Will Pay for Train to Aqueduct Convention Center (Times Union)
  • Transit Advocates Skeptical of Direct Subway Service to Aqueduct (TransNat)
  • Weeknight Subway Shutdowns Are Here as MTA Tries New Maintenance Sked (Post, DNA, TransNat)
  • More Dispatches From Joe Lhota’s Confirmation Hearing (WSJ, TransNat, 2nd Ave Sagas)
  • Nicole Gelinas: MTA Should Avoid Arbitration With the TWU (Post)
  • Daily News: Wage Freeze for Transit Workers Would Be Fair
  • Track Workers and a Station Agent Saved the Day for Michael Grynbaum This Christmas (NYT)
  • Cyclists Plan Civil Disobedience in Response to Mounting Death Toll on London Streets (Independent)
  • Smash-Ups on Brooklyn’s Park Avenue Nothing New for Local Residents (Local)
  • If Your City Doesn’t Have a #bike Hashtag Yet, It’s Time to Start Using One (Dani Simons)
  • James Vacca Has Been Fighting to Bring a Golf Course to the East Bronx Since He Was 24 (Post)

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  • Anonymous

    Re London cyclists deaths: The over-representation of female cyclists and HGV (heavy-goods vehicles) drivers in London cyclist fatalities indicated in the Independent article is nothing new, sadly. It was reported by Mike McCarthy and Katie Gilbert in their 1995 journal article on 1985-1992 London cyclist fatalities. This link takes you to the abstract: Write me off-line (at for a pdf of the full article.

  • Mbft

    Ah the Post! They always hate the worker. Ugh.

  • Glenn

    Nice to hear positive stories about transit workers helping out riders. The TWU should put these all together into a pamplet and title it: “Included in your subway fare”

  • Mbft

    I think a pay freeze to the management at the Daily News would be fair.

  • Bronx voter

    The paragraph about Vacca at the end of the Post story on the golf course is amazing:

    Vacca “said he believes his district is better off with the course than a
    larger community park because it already has more parkland than most
    parts of the Bronx.”

    Yeah, the immediate area may have a lot of parks, but his borough has much less than its share as well as some of the highest asthma rates anywhere.  An exclusive golf course for millionaires doesn’t help at all. 

    More evidence of his warped priorities.

  • Anon

    And huge portions of the Bronx’s large parks (Van Cortlandt and Pelham Bay) are occupied by golf courses.

  • fj

    Smart electric pickup comes with built-in Smart electric bike charger

  • Larry Littlefield

    “I think a pay freeze to the management at the Daily News would be fair.”

    From what I know of the media business (my current boss is a refugee), I’ll bet all the newspaper managers and workers WISH all they had to deal with was a pay freeze.

  • fj

    Ethical Analysis of the Climate Change Disinformation Campaign

  • The Truth

    Somebody needs to remind Vacca that he is responsible for transportation issues.

    Seriously, how could the Chair of the Transportation Committee possibly think this park is acceptable.  Yeah, let’s build a giant goose habitat under the main approach to LaGuardia Airport.  No problem there!

    Instead, he’s more concerned about fostering exclusive communities within the 5 boroughs.  I guess he’ll need those nice exclusive places to hang out if an airplane ever goes down after sucking up a Jimmy Goose!


Today’s Headlines

Chenugor Dao, 60, Killed on Bklyn Sidewalk After Driver Flips; “No Criminality” (DNA, NY1, Post 1, 2) Cyclist Ramon Russel, 37, Killed by Tractor-Trailer Truck Driver at Aqueduct; No Charges (Post, News) TZB Transit Task Force Announced, Minus the MTA (Times Union); Too Little, Too Late? (LoHud) After Crash Killed 15 Passengers, Casino Bus Driver Found Not Guilty (NY1, […]

Today’s Headlines

Committee Selects $3.14 Billion TZB Bid. Next Up: Transit Task Force? (Bloomberg, TransNat) Lawyers Blame Victim for Getting Crushed by Out-of-Control Wall Street Security Truck Driver (News) Sorry, a $1.80 E-ZPass Toll Is Not Going to Scare Relief Workers From the Rockaways (News) Vacca’s City Council Driving Committee Is Baa-aaaack (TransNat, Post) St. George Developer: We Have […]

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MTA Confident That Payroll Tax Will Be Upheld on Appeal (WSJ, NYT, NY1, TransNat) Ben Kabak Breaks Down the Insanity of Judge Cozzens’ MTA Payroll Tax Ruling (2nd Ave Sagas) Sunset Park Residents Call for Pedestrian Safety Fixes on Deadly Third Ave (DNA) This Is How They Do Street Safety Messaging Down Under (Bklyn Spoke) Quinn “Supports […]

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NBBL Enabler Randy Mastro Is Bill Thompson’s Biggest Fund-Raiser, and He Plans to Help Lhota (Post) DiNapoli Promises Thorough Review of Tappan Zee Contract; Must Conclude by Mid-March (Newsday) TZB Financing Elusive, But LaHood Says TIFIA Loan for DC-Area Transit “Looking Good” (TransNat) NYPD Sergeant Busted for Having a License Plate Flipper on His Car (Gothamist) Three of […]

Today’s Headlines

Straphangers: Q Train Ranks 1st, C Brings Up the Rear (WSJ, NYT, SAS, TransNat, Post) Cyclist Struck By Cabbie in East Harlem Monday Dies From Wounds (DNA) 9-Year-Old Recalls Horror of Watching Hit-and-Run Driver Take His Father’s Life (Post) TA to Campaign for Protected Bike Lanes on Fifth and Sixth Avenues (DNA) Schumer: Connect Brooklyn-Queens Tech […]

Today’s Headlines

Cuomo Fires State Emergency Management Chief for Directing Crews to Clear His Driveway (NYT) JSK Called for HOV-3; Lhota: Bus Bridge Worked Much Better on Friday Than Thursday (Observer) Subway, LIRR, NJ Transit and Amtrak Tunnels Continue to Slowly Dry Out (TransNat, WSJ) MTA Holds First Fare Hike Hearing; Attendance Low After Sandy (NY1, News, Post) […]