Today’s Headlines

  • Trucker Hits and Kills 17-Year-Old Cyclist in Harlem; NYPD: “No Criminality” (DNA)
  • Meanwhile, East Harlem Calorie Merchants Keep Up Their Anti-Bike Lane Media Tour (NY1)
  • Drunk Driver Mows Down Stuyvesant Senior One Block From Gravesend Home (News)
  • Bloomberg on Cuomo’s Transit Cut: “Somebody Else Is Going to Have to Pay” (CapNY)
  • One More Reason Albany Needs to Get Serious About Congestion Pricing (Bklyn Paper)
  • City to Add Bus Shelters for B61 Riders (Bklyn Paper)
  • State DOT Picks Consultants to Figure Out How to Pay for a New Tappan Zee (Times Union)
  • Tribeca Neighbors Want to Keep Their Temporary Pedestrian Plaza (DNA)
  • Midwestern Editorial Board Far More Progressive on Bike Policy Than NYC’s Transpo Chair (KC Star)

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  • NM

    Not sure I picked this week (probably the 17-year-old), but I’m suddenly more ticked off than usual that we can’t get the police to hold drivers responsible for their mayhem.  What is needed here?  A lawsuit?  Occupying the streets?  Who needs to receive letters?

  • Anonymous

    What it will take is a picket of the sidewalk outside NYPD HQ, day in, day out. 

  • carma

    im so sick of hearing this story.  this kid was a smart dude from stuy who had huge potential in his life.  for surely, this case has to merit some sort of maximum penalty on the driver.  its stories like this that whenever i stand on one of those pedestrian refuges on queens blvd, i still need to watch out for the erratic driver in case i need to jump out of the way.

  • The death of Terence Tsao is a real tragedy. My condolences to his family and his friends and classmates.

  • Anonymous

    East Harlem: I thought it was the left turn lanes, and not the bike lane, that is taking away the parking spaces.  Is this not right?

  • Niccolo Machiavelli

    The truck in the Harlem picture appears to have a garbage bag over the passenger side window and has no commercial identification on the door.  Looks like POS truck, there will probably be something else wrong with it mechanically, curious about the drivers qualification.

  • carma


    Its more than tragic.  anytime a driver gets behind the wheel drunk, its almost pre-meditated murder.

  • Harlemite

    What does Milk Burger and Patsy’s Pizzeria have to say about the cyclist killed in Harlem?  Did asthma cause the driver to lose control of the vehicle?

  • Mark Walker

    Re Cuomo’s transit cut: Is there any point anymore in the MTA continuing as a state agency if Cuomo (and future Cuomos) just use it as a piñata? Maybe the agency and its revenues should be jointly controlled by the city and suburban counties served. Better yet, maybe it should have more independence like the Port Authority. Since NJ’s Gov. Christie seems as little interested in transit as NY’s Gov. Cuomo, maybe NJ Transit could merge with MTA. In a Port Authority-like setup, the governors could appoint administrators, but they wouldn’t be able to do budgetary purse snatchings.

  • Anonymous

    So apropos getting police behavior to change, it’s not like their lackadaisical handling of car crashes is the only problem:

    New Yorkers should consider getting a coalition together to confront the police with the fact that they have devolved into a blot onto the city’s reputation. A daily picket of the NYPD HQ with the simple question “Just who do you work for?” is called for. 

  • More on “no criminality” in the Lefevre case:

  • Driver

    Good eye Niccolo, that does look like a plastic bag covering the window.  That should be grounds for criminal negligence at the least.
    “curious about the drivers qualification.”
    All one needs is a regular license to drive trucks registered under 26,000 lbs.  There is no special qualification or training to drive a truck like that, or even larger. 

  • fj

    First of IBM’s Five Predictions for the Next Five Years:

    People power will come to life @BW:disqus 

    via Bloomberg Businessweek


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