Today’s Headlines

  • Jury Finds Driver Not Guilty of Homicide in 2010 Fatal Bike Crash, Sentences Him to Ten Days Jail (Post)
  • Sixteen Arrested For Ticket-Fixing, Related Corruption Charges (NYT)
  • …Tix Fix Charges Could Threaten Thousands of Routine Cases (News)
  • Tappan Zee Financials Pending, While Residents Keep Calling For Transit (LoHudTranspoNation)
  • Transportation Engineer: Transit-Free Tappan Zee Will Create “Boom in Sprawl” (LoHud)
  • Q Poll Finds 56 Percent Support Statewide for MTA Payroll Tax (2nd Ave Sagas)
  • Safety Improvements Finally Installed at Upper West Side “Bowtie of Death” (W Side Rag)
  • US Attorney Brings Charges Against 11 in $1B LIRR Disability Fraud Case (NYT)
  • Staten Island Wants Transit or Lower Tolls Before Spending on Secaucus 7 (Advance 12)
  • Joe Lhota’s First Day at the MTA (Post)
  • Jessica Lappin, Civitas, Hold Design Contest to Revitalize East River Greenway Uptown (DNAinfo)
  • Who Should Play Robert Moses in Oliver Stone’s HBO Biopic Based on The Power Broker? (Gothamist)

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  • carma

    Hmm.  Robert Moses..  the guy that brought you the crumbling BQE, and the Cross Bronx Nightmareway.   The guy who also stopped any mass transit improvements, and abused the use of eminent domain.  i say we nominate a train wreck of an actor.

    how about Charlie Sheen?

  • Josef Szende

    The most heartening thing about the entire Tappan Zee debacle is that people in New York’s suburbs are showing that they really understand the problem by protesting. Building for cars destroys quality of life and building for transit makes suburban living better and easier. 

  • digamma

    Ciarán Hinds seems like a good physical match.

  • Larry Littlefield

    You should link the LIRR disability pension scandal, because it’s important.  When people talk about “waste” at the MTA or the need to reduce labor costs, they are generally talking about the subway, or New York City Transit in general.

    There are bigger problems elsewhere, and they go back a long way.

  • Planning

    Great.  As if the Power Broker historical fiction didn’t cloud public understanding enough, we’ll double down and really make sure people buy into a myth.  

    Why would anybody want to know real facts, or try to consider any of the complexities of a long career or the implementation of public works, when we have such a convenient scapegoat?

  • fj

     Climate change dwarfs population as a problem, says McKibben – @DrBobBullard

    guess what?  Climate change dwarfs most problems — including those regarding transportation where cradle-to-cradle netzeroMobility is likely on the critical path to solving.

  • fj

    City Room: With Generators Gone, Wall Street Protesters Try Bicycle Power @NYTMetro Very clean.

    Occupy Wall Street is now fueled with pedal power! @SustnblFlatbush #ows Now they’re cooking!


Today’s Headlines

Missing Funding Plan for Tappan Zee Delays Construction Process (WSJ) DCP May Lift Parking Maximums Near Theater District, Hospitals (NYT) …While In Brooklyn,  Little Parking Minimum Relief May Be Coming (NYT) Greenwood Heights Residents Propose Their Own 20 MPH Speed Limit (Bklyn Paper) Long Island Senators Keep Trying to Chip Away at MTA Payroll Tax […]

Today’s Headlines

Weekend Subway Ridership Highest Since 1947, Weekday Highest Since 1951 (News) City Vehicle Fleet Larger Than Under Giuliani, With Smaller City Workforce (Post) At Tappan Zee Hearings, Support For Transit Expected to Again Top Agenda (LoHud) Post: Only “Lawyer-Larded Luddites” Oppose Transit-Free Tappan Zee In Prospect Park, DOT Removes Orange Barrels, Asks What To Do Next […]

Today’s Headlines

New Livery Cabs Will Have Same Fare as Yellow Taxis (NYT) Are Express Trains to Queens Convention Center Possible? (WNYC) Casey Neistat Makes PSA: Don’t Text While Walking (NYT) With “Huge Cry for Mass Transit” on Tappan Zee, Journal News Looks to Details of Bus Plan Declaring Tappan Zee Transit Impossible, Rockland Business Assoc. Attacks “Obstructionists” […]

Today’s Headlines

Confirmed: Tappan Zee Replacement Will Keep Highway Widening, Drop Transit (LoHud) Feds Pushed State to “Streamline” Tappan Zee Plans, Leave Transit For Later (NYT) MTA Hasn’t Been Invited to Cuomo’s Tappan Zee Meetings For Months (Transpo Nation) Giuliani Aide Tops Short List For MTA Chief, Five Others Under Consideration (News) Stats Show Safety Gains From […]

Today’s Headlines

QPoll Shows Two to One Support For Bike-Share System (News) … But Daily News Prints Four Anti-Bike Screeds in Letters Section Westchester League of Women Voters Blasts State For Stripping Transit From Tappan Zee (LoHud) State Looks to Tolls to Pay For New Tappan Zee (Transpo Nation) Should Some NJ Transit Buses Skip Port Authority, Load on […]

Today’s Headlines

NYT to Cuomo: Stop Stalling and Sign the Outer-Borough Taxi Bill Taxi Deal Sidelined By Fight Over Hospital Privatization (Post) Signing MTA Tax Cut, Cuomo Promises to Build More Roads (Newsday) Cuomo Public-Private Investment Plan Doesn’t Offer Much for MTA (HuffPo) On Tappan Zee Bridge, “Are Governments Coercing Funds to Invest?” (Asset Int’l) Upper West […]