Today’s Headlines

  • More on New Transit Chief Joe Lhota (NYTPostWSJCrain’sObserver)
  • Post: If You Liked Mayor Giuliani, You’ll Like MTA Chair Lhota
  • Protected From Competition, Taxi Medallions Sell For $1 Million (NYT)
  • Upper East Side CB Reverses Committee, Votes Against Bike Licensing Proposal (DNAinfo)
  • Manufacturer Displaced By Eminent Domain in Kosciuszko Bridge Widening Prepares to Exit NY (News)
  • Edit Boards: If Pat Foye Can’t Live Up to Chris Ward, It’s Cuomo’s Fault (News, Post)
  • Christie Kicks Ward on His Way Out the Door (Star-Ledger)
  • Ward: Mayoral Run “Highly Unlikely” But Won’t Rule It Out (Daily Politics)
  • NJ Transit Partners With Google to Allow Fare Payment With Smartphones (Star-Ledger)
  • New Pedestrian Bridge to Be Installed Across FDR at 78th Street (DNAinfo)
  • TLC To Add Six Electric Vehicles to Taxi Fleet in Pilot Program (Post)
  • New Haven Fights to Ensure Highway Removal Doesn’t Just Create New Car-Centric Streets (Atlantic)
  • Bike Snob: Why Do We Accept Traffic Violence and Blame the Victim?

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  • Bolwerk

    Nonetheless, Christie criticized Ward in a radio interview on Monday.
    “There are some real issues regarding Mr. Ward’s leadership at the Port
    Authority,” Christie told the host, John Gambling. “And the
    extraordinary cost overruns at the the World Trade Center, and how much
    he’s really been working for the Port Authority, and not for other
    interests in the City of New York.”

    Says the guy who turned back the clock on New Jersey’s transportation by two decades. Ward and Walder should get Cuomo’s and Christie’s jobs.

  • fj

    re:  Protected From Competition, Taxi Medallions Sell For $1 Million (NYT)  

    Since public corporations must declare climate change impacts to investors the same should be a consideration for transportation investments especially heavily dependent on fossil fuels and vulnerable to extreme weather events.

  • fj

    a bit premature but who knows: 

    Researchers have discovered a way to make objects float with quantum levitation – are floating vehicles next? @inhabitat