Behind the Scenes of a Presidential Bike Ride

President Obama with daughter Malia on Tuesday. Not pictured: Secret Service SUVs. Photo: ## Watson/AFP/Getty via Transportation Nation##

This week marked the 109th anniversary of the first presidential motorcade, starring Theodore Roosevelt. If you’ve ever wondered why TR’s successors so rarely ditch their limos in favor of human-powered transport, read on. Staged photo op or no, it seems being elected president is a great way to spoil a family outing.

Copy from Politico’s Carrie Budoff Brown via the White House Press Office. Emphasis added.

The First Family took a leisurely ride Tuesday morning through Manuel F. Correllus State Forest.

After about a half-hour wait, shortly after 11 a.m., the pool got a glimpse of the president, decked out in a helmet, sunglasses, a black polo shirt and dark jeans.

But first up: First Lady Michelle Obama and daughter Sasha took the lead, passing first by the pool, which was assembled in knee-deep grass off a concrete bike path. Neither said anything to the reporters, photographers and TV cameras recording them.

Several minutes later, the president and daughter Malia rode by.

“Hello, everybody,” Obama said to the pool and about two dozen or so less-famous bikers who greeted him.

“Any word on Qadhafi’s whereabouts?” yelled the Associated Press’s Mark Smith.

The president didn’t take the question, choosing instead to keep his focus on the small group of cheering spectators as he moved further down the path.

The full procession through the park offered a stark contrast that underscored the strange existence of a president.

Shortly before Michelle and Sasha Obama arrived, two trucks carrying Secret Service agents rode along the same narrow concrete path usually reserved for bikers and walkers. A rolling caravan of agents and staff followed on bikes ahead of the president and Malia, who were then followed by several more SUVs full of agents.

“Can you imagine living like that?” one female biker asked her fellow onlookers.

  • Paul Chenard

    If I were the president, I’d have a whole peloton rolling with me everyday. They would call it Peloton 1.  

  • Anonymous

    I’d shout “ON YOUR LEFT!!!”

  • Really nice photo 🙂

  • Sean

    I want to see a shot of the secret service bike patrol! 

    Oh, and I’m glad Obama got a larger bike that fits him, he looked ridiculous during the campaign on the little bike.

  • Anonymous

    He’d look way better on a road or utility bike. But I guess that might make him a cycling elitist…

  • Davistrain

    Today’s Presidential motorcades bring to mind stories about how Josef Stalin and other Soviet leaders used to travel with lots of escorts from the Kremlin to their country houses (dachas), but then, I think of how just about everyone in my age bracket remembers where they were when the news of John F. Kennedy’s assassination came out.

  • PaulCJr

    No it’s more a tour de France motorcycle escort. j/k 😉

  • Anonymous

    …and that’s not hard to do since Barry showed us his real colors!

  • Obama is a biker!