NYPD: Curb-Jumper Hit Senior While Parking, “No Criminality Suspected”

Photo: Liz Patek

We have an update from NYPD on the curb-jumping motorist who struck and injured a pedestrian in Midtown this morning. Police said the driver hit a 73-year-old woman on the sidewalk while attempting to back into a parking space on 58th Street. The victim was sent to New York Presbyterian Hospital with serious head injuries, according to NYPD; she is now in stable condition.

The driver remained at the scene, the police said, so as usual, “no criminality is suspected.”

  • NattyB


  • Matthijs van Guilder

    you mean she wasn’t wearing a helmet?

  • Matthijs van Guilder

    you mean she wasn’t wearing a helmet?

  • Driver

    Glad to hear there’s no severed leg, but this shows how incredible “witness accounts” can be.

  • Anonymous

    What if instead of the victim being a senior it was a Wall Street power broker and he was killed instead of just put in a wheelchair for the rest of HIS life?  How vigorous would the prosecution of that criminal motorist be then?  How would the situation be different from the point of view of responsibility of the driver?

  • Andrew


  • The following is pure fiction:

    So a LICENSED to carry handgun owner with an absolutely spotless criminal record is walking on the street.  As the gun owner reaches for something in his pocket, somehow the gun discharges.  The bullet strikes a person in the chest who is walking next to him.  The wound is not life threatening but the victim requires surgery and is the hospital for a week.

    Would the police and prosecutor the immediately conclude that there was no crime even if it was a total and complete accident?!?!  I think not.

    So what’s the difference then when the weapon is a car and not a gun? 

  • GDavis276

    You guys feel it is only an “accident” when a bicycle rider hits some one but always should be a crime when a motorist hits some one.  If there is no intent and no laws broken it is not a crime.

  • Andrew

    I’m not sure who “You guys” refers to.

    New York State Vehicle & Traffic Law Section 1211 (a) The driver of a vehicle shall not back the same unless such movement can be made with safety and without interfering with other traffic.

    It appears that a law was broken.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe not a crime, but a proof of incompetence to drive. I would hope drivers such as this one at least get their license suspended for several years and a hefty fine.

    Not that that’s gonna happen either…

  • If there is no intent and no laws broken it is not a crime.

    Complete oversimplification. It depends upon what the requisite intent is for the crime, and as Andrew noted, it appears as though there was a violation of a traffic law with the requisite intent present.

    And if a cyclist violated the law such that someone was seriously hurt, I’d feel the same way.

  • J:Lai

    We have built a society that is so dependent on cars that we accept these kinds of incidents on a daily basis as a necessary “cost of doing business”.
    With the amount of miles driven per day / per person in this country, it is statistically inconceivable that we will not experience many thousands of vehicle-related injuries and fatalities each year.

    If guns were an equally common tool in daily life (perhaps to shoot the driver who is about to run you over?) then I’m sure we would tolerate a much higher incidence of gun “accidents”.


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