Today’s Headlines

  • NYPD Stands Alone in Defense of Placard Free-for-All (News 1, 2, NY1)
  • City Drivers Fed Up With This Whole Parking Thing (NY1, WABC)
  • To Transportation Chair James Vacca, Regulations Are All About Revenue (CBS2)
  • Taxi Bill Snagged in Senate (WNYC);  Mateo Says Livery Drivers Coerced Into Supporting (News)
  • Cuomos, Father and Son, Have Significant Ties to Yellow Cab Industry (City Room)
  • With Human-Scale Zoning in Place, Brooklyn’s Fourth Ave. Needs a Road Diet (FiPS)
  • Markowitz Backs Bensonhurst Waterfront Mega-Mall, Thinks Fine Dining Would Be a Nice Touch (Post)
  • Vincent Ignizio Applauds New Roads for SI’s West Shore, Couldn’t Care Less About Housing (NY1)
  • Komanoff: Livable Streets as Vital as Firehouses (Downtown Express)
  • This Just In: Bikes Popular, Contribute to Local Economies (Bklyn Paper, News)

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  • Larry Littlefield

    Someone ought to tell Mr. Vacca “you can pay me now, or pay me later.”

    Because parking is free or underpriced, and the supply is fixed at a pre-automobile level in many places, the demand exceeds the supply.

    And since once they have their vehicles people have no choice but to put them somewhere, the consequences is illegal parking — and problems caused by the reason the parking is illegal.

    Whereas if street space was priced at market, the scarcity would end and fine revenue would fall.

    But if Vacca’s concern is fines for revenue and not regulatory goals, he should endorse cameras on street sweepers.  So tickets would only be issued to those vehicles that block the sweeper — the real purpose of alternate side.  Best idea I’ve heard in a while.

  • Melanie

    Any update on the cyclist-pedestrian hit & run incident in Prospect Park?

  • We’re looking into it.

  • Anonymous

    I go to great lengths to avoid driving, riding, or walking on 4th Ave.  The whole Gowanus zone is quickly becoming a super-fun superfund, so it would be great to see the street made a little more welcoming.

  • Bolwerk

    How about this for a zoning/land use rule: no more megamalls without a direct light rail or heavy rail link to a major transit hub?


Today’s Headlines

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