Today’s Headlines

  • Dov Hikind: DOT to Rip Out Borough Park Ped Refuges; Marcia Kramer Crows
  • Chinatown Bus Crash Kills Four, Spurs Further Calls for Regulation (TransNatNYT)
  • Newsday Editorial: Albany and Washington Must Focus on Pedestrian Safety
  • City Targets Vehicle Registrations in Latest Attempt to Collect on Parking Tickets (News)
  • Transit Access and Transit Hub Tax Credits Lure Panasonic HQ to Newark (NPR)
  • Christie Rides State Copter to Little League Game, Reignites Perennial NJ Issue (WSJ)
  • NYC’s Structurally Deficient Bridges Down From 74 to 4 (News)
  • Cop’s DWI Would Have Been Fixed If He Hadn’t Resisted Arrest (News)
  • Defunct Parking Authorities Could Be Axed Under Reform Proposal (CapTon)
  • Long Island State Senator Launches Payroll Tax Repeal Website (LoHud)
  • MTA Catches Bus Manager Steering Inflated Contracts to Nephew’s Firm (Post)
  • Data Visualizations Compare NYC Density to Mumbai and Istanbul (WSJ)

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  • Special Guest

    Why is Borough Park allowed to opt out of pedestrian safety engineering? Is Borough Park opting out of measles and polio vaccines? Why is pedestrian safety different from other forms of public health? Why are local politicians allowed to endanger New Yorkers to satisfy their own irrational conceits?

  • MK

    In Sweden, long unpaid parking tickets are deducted from a person’s salary.

  • Mwallin16

    Lets not forget that Williamsburg was also allowed to opt out of pedestrian and bicycle safety.  Seems like a pattern to me.  

  • Brooklyn Ped

    There’s blood on Dov Hikind’s hands the next time someone gets run down crossing that section of Ft. Hamilton Parkway.

  • Jeff

    Can we also get DOT to remove those stupid railings they use to keep us from falling off of bridges?  I, too, like to live on the wild side.

  • Kaja

    Disrespecting a cop is the only real crime.

  • Josef

    Instead of giving the money back for his helicopter ride, Christie should be investing in congestion-busting transit. His use of a helicopter is a tacit admission that NJ roads are so hopelessly clogged only the super-elite can afford to get around quickly by ‘copter. Instead of 2.5 grand for his flying joy ride, Christie should be investing 2.5 billion in the ARC tunnel.


Today’s Headlines

More Coverage of Escalating Subway Ridership (WSJ, NYT, WNYC, News) Charges Dismissed Against Keith Wright Staffer for Interfering in DUI Arrest (Post) De Blasio’s PlaNYC Update Due Tomorrow, But Will It Be Called PlaNYC? (Capital) Construction Begins to Replace Crumbling Stone at Marty Markowitz’s Old Plaza Parking Spot (Eagle) NJ Transit Riders Get Fare Hikes, Service Cuts […]

Today’s Headlines

Cuomo Defends Raiding Dedicated Transit Funds (Transpo Nation) City Will Remove Father Cap Bike Lane, Replace It With Bus Lane and Parking (Advance) The New Ravitch Plan: Toll Everything, Create Special Tax Districts for Mega-Projects (Times Union) Editorial Boards Love the Secaucus 7 Concept (NYT, News) … And So Do Big-Time West Side Developers (Crain’s, WSJ) […]

Today’s Headlines

Missing Funding Plan for Tappan Zee Delays Construction Process (WSJ) DCP May Lift Parking Maximums Near Theater District, Hospitals (NYT) …While In Brooklyn,  Little Parking Minimum Relief May Be Coming (NYT) Greenwood Heights Residents Propose Their Own 20 MPH Speed Limit (Bklyn Paper) Long Island Senators Keep Trying to Chip Away at MTA Payroll Tax […]

Today’s Headlines

Thruway Director Says State Can’t Afford TZB Transit, Yet Doesn’t Know Cost of Bridge (LoHud) Dilan to State: Add Transit to Tappan Zee Bridge, NY Works Fund (MTR) Politicians Want to Reopen Shuttered Elmhurst LIRR Station, and MTA Is Listening (News) Packed Midtown Workshop Generally Positive About Bike-Share (DNAinfo) Ratner Exec Declares “Her Mission” Is […]

Today’s Headlines

News: It’s Up to Sens. Smith, Kruger, and Skelos to Save NYC’s Transit System Post: Smith’s Call for Another MTA Audit ‘Laughable’ Biz Leaders Appeal to GOP State Senators: Get on Board MTA Rescue Plan (News) Paterson Taking a Hands-Off Approach With Senate Dems (Daily Politics) MTA Deal Might Get Rolled Into State Budget, Drag […]

Today’s Headlines

Exxon: America’s Thirst for Gasoline Has Peaked (WSJ) Tax Revenues for MTA Continue to Plummet (NY1) Advocates Take Transit Rescue Campaign to State Senators’ Home Districts (News, Post) DOT to Close Two Prospect Park Car Exits (Bklyn Paper) Believe It or Not, Internal Affairs’ Parking Unit Unpopular With Rest of NYPD (News) Car-Free Streets Coming […]