Today’s Headlines

  • Congestion Pricing With Added Equity Measures Seen as More Feasible Than Higher Gas Tax (Crain’s)
  • TLC Commuter Vans Total Failure, Only Two People Rode B23 Replacement (Transpo Nation)
  • Walking, Biking or Taking Transit Could Save Your Life, Says Health Department (Transpo Nation)
  • Senators Fuschillo and Dilan Reintroduce Complete Streets Legislation, With Key Amendment (MTR)
  • Regulations, Including Apartment Size and Parking Minimums, Limit NYC Housing (News)
  • Tix Fix Cops Crossed County Lines To Cover Up DWI Crash (News)
  • Comprehensive Look at Yankee Stadium Parking Debacle Sums Up the Madness (Transpo Nation)
  • Fort Greene Leads Brooklyn in Cyclist Injuries; Bklyn Paper Tries to Puzzle Out Why
  • On UWS, FedEx Trucks Fill No Parking Zone Meant for Access-A-Ride (DNAinfo)
  • Helmet-Cam Shows Dangerous, Hostile Actions By Williamsburg School Bus Drivers (Gothamist)

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  • Joe R.

    School bus drivers are among the worst and most entitled drivers going, second only to the moms who used to drive with “baby on board” signs back in the 1980s-90s.  Besides, why are so many kids being bused nowadays?  It seems like the number of school buses is 5 times what it was back when I was in school.  Doesn’t anyone walk any more?  All these school buses needlessly congest traffic, and make it dangerous for everyone else. 

  • Danny G

    Joe, I’ve got to respectfully disagree. I remember from when I was in Junior High and rode the bus to school, it was definitely a mixed bag, each driver had their own personality and driving style.

    Now those Access-a-Ride drivers… 🙂

  • MRN

    A semantic point, but ‘Taking Transit’ cannot save your life. You’d reap just as much benefit if you walked half a mile to your private garage and another half a mile from your commuter garage to your workplace.

  • MR

    Helmet cam idiot also posted a video of him racing a motorcycle, running reds, salmoning, blowing stops and generally acting like a jerk.  He’s all worked up about his own safety, but clearly couldn’t care less about the danger he brings to pedestrians who are just trying to go about their day. 

  • vnm

     Every cyclist should have a helmet cam.  

  • Anonymous

    Re: Fort Greene

    If you’re interested in getting involved, please join the Fort Greene Livable Streets Committee: streets[at] historicfortgreene [dot] org

    We’re planning on sending out a survey on these issues quite soon.

    Three factors I’ve noticed:

    – Lafayette is a death trap, and not just to cyclists. Kids, old folks, and even super healthy types are in danger when walking around the Laf – Fulton intersection. Which is too bad, it’s smack in the middle of the business area in the nabe.

    – A two-way, protected bike lane on DeKalb could really help move cyclists from other streets, and it would provide better park access (and prob slow down speeding, making it easier for families going to the park). Folks are right that there are a lot of salmon on DeKalb, but since it’s the only E-W route with a lane, that’s only natural!

    – As someone else mentioned, there is a ton of through-traffic in the neighborhood, including lotsa trucks. In particular, Accessibility buses (many going to/from the Brooklyn Hospital Center) speed maniacally down the small side streets.

    Of neighbors I’ve talked to about it, most have been supportive of traffic calming measures in the area, so I’m surprised that Fort Greene is described as hostile. Maybe just the CB is hostile? I suppose I should know more about this

  • Anonymous

    Car bang-em-up at 72nd and Columbus last night. Must be the bike lane’s fault.

  • Joe R.

    To make it worse, at the time of day he’s “racing”, even granny on a one-speed can often beat motor traffic.  Let him try keeping up with buses on Union Turnpike or the LIE service road at 10 or 11 PM, then we’ll talk.  I try, and I only “win” 50% of the time.  And keep to safe cycling practices (i.e. yielding to anyone with the legal right-of-way, no exceptions). 

  • J:Lai

    re: helmet cams
    Can anyone suggest a camera which is light, unobtrusive, and inexpensive for this purpose?
    Perhaps this a market in need of a product.  It would be great if there were a removable, handlebar mouonted version that you could buy in a bike store . 

  • J:Lai

    I’m not sure I would class school bus drivers among the worst nyc drivers — I think most are rightfully concerned with the safety of the kids they are transporting and not too focused on other street users.
    Also, I believe the guy who shot this video could have avoided the whole situation if he had passed on the left (traffic) side of the bus.

  •  America and Canada are just about the only countries that even use school buses. Everywhere else schoolchildren use municipal buses. It’s more efficient, and it helps civilize the kids.

  •  the GoPro cameras are popular although there are a number of similar products on the market that i’m simply less familiar with.

  • Kaja

    > Also, I believe the guy who shot this video could have avoided the whole situation if he had passed on the left (traffic) side of the bus.

    J:Lai wins. That bus was stopped at a steady red light when the cyclist tried to dangerously + illegally pass him on the right. Busses’ right-side blindspot is huge, and anyway the first rule of the road is to be predictable, which means visible. And getting into a verbal altercation? /Really?/ 

    Wait your turn, or pass him slowly on the left, where he can see you.

    Speaking as someone who suspects the hasids of pride in awful driving, all disproportionately clumsy and abrasive — this cyclist is a d-bag.


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