Today’s Headlines

  • Get Ready for Inane Gas Price Populism From Both Parties (Politico)
  • Technology Hasn’t Ended Ticket-Fixing, Despite Bloomberg’s Claims (Post)
  • Family of Megan Charlop Suing City For Lack of Bike Lane on Crotona Ave (News)
  • Driver Hit and Killed Cyclist Joseph Granati in Gravesend Yesterday Afternoon, No Charges Filed (News)
  • Daily News: Spending Money to Improve PPW Bike Lane Is “Path to Crazytown”
  • SoHo Bike Lanes Full (Or Is That Empty?) of Traffic Violations (Post)
  • Woodhaven BID, Julissa Ferreras Voice Support for Bike-Friendly Business Campaign (News)
  • Eliminate Parking Placards For Judges, Says Daily News
  • Bike Lanes Disdained By Triathletes; Note to WSJ: We Don’t Design Streets For Drag Racers Either
  • RPA Wades Into Labor Fight With Report on Construction Union Givebacks (NYT)

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  • vnm

    A Hudson Valley Republican has introduced legislation in the Senate to replace the payroll tax in suburban counties with East River bridge tolls.

  • car free nation

    getting my hopes up again…

  • The numbers in that Post article, by the way, show that 160 bikes an hour used the SoHo bike lanes. In the same issue the Post published 5 LTEs about how no one bikes.

  • Our fellow bikers are doing all of cyclists a disservice. This morning just from downtown Brooklyn to SOHO one car ran a red but 17 cyclists did at various intersections along the way! Yikes!

  • Seems lie no charges were filed because the car had a green light according to the report. Is there other information of the crash and death that is not listed in the article that you know of?

  • It appears the bike hit the car, not the other way around.

  • Tomorrow, use a radar gun instead. Then report back.

  • Sorry, Steve O., but I was unaware that the law stated cyclists can run red lights as long as they don’t travel at the speed of a car.

    I’m tired of the whole “cars kill, bikes don’t” being some sort of justification for cyclists breaking the law. A red light-running bike may not inflict the same kind of damage a car does, but it’s still dangerous, it’s still stupid, and it gives law-abiding cyclists like me a bad name.

  • carma

    a red light running cyclist will unlikely cause “serious” harm to others. perhaps himself. the reason b/c opposing traffic, (cars) DO have the right of way.

    with that said, if the article is true about the cyclist being hit by the car b/c the car had the green, then it serves why cyclist DO need to stop at a red light just like all cars do. i doubt the driver that hit the cyclist in brooklyn sustained any physical harm, (perhaps mental). but the cyclist did sustain the ultimate penalty.

  • Chris, I’m not trying to justify anything — just pointing out the double standard.

    Isn’t it funny that people aren’t worried about the bad name that law-breaking motorists give to law-abiding motorists (if there are any)?

  • fdr

    When it gets to the Assembly, will Shelly Silver insist that it needs a message of support from the City Council? That would kill it.


Today’s Headlines

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Today’s Headlines

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