Today’s Headlines

  • State Senate’s Long Island Bus Deal Staves Off Disastrous Service Cuts (Transpo Nation)
  • Transpo Nation Analysis of Brennan PPW Poll: “They Like It. They Really Like It.”
  • PJ O’Rourke: Bike Lanes All a Scheme to Create Infantile Government Dependency, Ha Ha (WSJ)
  • NY Post Plays the 9/11 Card in Opposing Battery Bikeway
  • Cuozzo Uses Times Square Food Vendor Plan as Opportunity to Mourn Beautiful Traffic Lights (Post)
  • Is NYPD’s Central Park Bike Crackdown Really About Ray Kelly’s Belief in Vehicular Cycling? (City Room)
  • Gibson Dunn Announces Pro Bono Award Winners. Maybe Next Year, Jim Walden
  • Meet a Proud Member of “Neighbors for Better Trash Collection” (News)
  • Oh, To Be a Fly on This Wall (Observer)
  • You Haven’t Heard the Last of Markowitz’s Bike Lane Mockery (Bklyn Paper)
  • April Fools’ Day Redux: The Chuck Schumer Holland Bike Tunnel (WNYC)

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  • You missed the Daily News article yesterday about the driver who was so mad about being stuck behind a garbage truck, he called a friend to come outside and beat up the sanitation worker. Unfortunately for justice, sanmen are not yet covered under the same law that sends folks who assault EMS workers and transit workers to prison for more than ten years.

  • Added.

  • Larry Littlefield

    Paul Ryan and the Republicans propose eliminating Medcare and Medicaid, but with no changes for those currently age 55 and over. No limits on spending on them. And lower taxes for them.

    What is the connection between this and transportation, the Prospect Park bike lane for example? Values.

    The Democratic Party/public employee union alternative is similar in all but political strategy. Their plan is to simply deny there is a problem until everyone who came of age in the 1960s and early 1970s is in the programs, and then cut off those coming after “due to circumstances beyond our control.” Just as they cut deals to increase pension benefits for public employees cashing in and moving out, and then cut pay and benefits for new hires.

    But we can’t talk about this. It’s not the sort of thing people under 55 need to be concerned with, right?

  • Larry Littlefield

    FYI this post was blocked with the WSJ link included, but was not wiped out. I removed the link, and it went through. So is there a ban on including links, or one that just applies to me?

  • ddartley

    I hereby accuse the BL show of using my suggestion here that DOT rename the PPW lane after Schumer to make it stroke his ego getting him to make the lawsuit go away! Unless of course I never actually posted that suggestion. Can’t remember. What the heck I accuse them anyway.

  • David_K

    Re: the Post article (w/the catchy title “An Assault on Battery”) — what a shitty piece of journalism. First sentence declares that “No expense will be spared when it comes to Mayor Mike’s beloved bike lanes”; and then we get the familiar litany, paragaph by paragraph, of “the city’s controversial push to expand bike lanes around the city” (yes, they actualy use “the city” twice there)…. It’s only in the penultimate paragraph that the Post bothers to mention that the bike lane reshuffle is only a small part of the city’s master plan to transform Battery Park. A much-needed transformation, I might add: Battery Park as currently configure is a woeful use of public space

  • Eric McClure

    Hey, no fair putting up the Transportation Nation link about the PPW poll. Jim Brennan was trying to bury the results by releasing it Friday afternoon!

  • Jay

    “Bike lanes violate a fundamental principle of democracy. We, the majority who do not ride bicycles, are being forced to sacrifice our left turns, parking places and chances to squeeze by delivery trucks so that an affluent elite can feel good about itself for getting wet, cold, tired and run-over. Our tax dollars are being used to subsidize our annoyance.”

    Yet, somehow, that does not apply to the minority motorists?

  • Jay

    And since when are under-paid immigrant delivery workers “an affluent elite”???

    Maybe some day people will start to realize that safe bike lanes are a matter of workplace safety for many workers.

  • I love satire but PJ O’Rouke’s WSJ piece just comes off as mean. It is also confusing because it very quickly switches between absurd arguments that one makes and arguments that cycling opponents actually use.

  • Jass

    The WSJ article is baffling.

  • Bolwerk

    PJ O’Rourke is an embittered Randian and self-styled humorist who is a “fellow” at the Cato Institute…and he’s probably not really joking. Like most conservative/authoritarian “humor,” he’s not funny because his worldview is incompatible with humor. A necessary (but not sufficient) ingredient to good political satire is going after those in positions of power or authority. That’s why people like Richard Pryor or Chris Rock cracking racial jokes about can be well-done, while neocons mocking welfare-dependency just comes across as cruel and grotesque, even if racism doesn’t quite come into it (and you can bet it almost always does).

    You see the same failure to be funny with the likes of Victoria Jackson, Larry Miller, or Adam Sandler.

  • Niccolo Machiavelli

    “But we can’t talk about this. It’s not the sort of thing people under 55 need to be concerned with, right?”

    What else do you talk about Larry?

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