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Apologies for a little bit of self-promotion, but there are only about ten hours left to vote for Streetsblog in Treehugger’s Best-of-Green awards. We’re up for Best Transportation Website, and we stand out a little because Streetsblog is all about transit, biking, and walking, while the other worthy contenders are all largely about hybrid, electric, and low emissions cars.

We’ve probably benefited from some vote splitting among readers of the green car sites, but Streetsblog still trails the current frontrunner, EcoModder, by a little less than 100 votes. (EcoModder covers how to modify your car or motorcycle to achieve greater fuel efficiency.) Voting ends at midnight tonight, and I think a final push from our readers could put Streetsblog over the top, like a last-minute bid on eBay.

  • Albert

    Ooh! So easy! Wait, I’ll do it! Done!

  • mikesonn

    I see a lot of Treehugger readers are showing their “green Prius” mentality.

  • Voted!

    and I see “Autoblog Green” (a contradiction in terms) isn’t too far behind Streetsblog.

  • Voted!

  • moocow

    A car with great gas mileage is still a car.

    It’s down to a 40 vote difference, go vote!

  • Albert

    The gap is now < 40 votes. Closing fast.

  • Gap now at 33 votes!

  • Albert

    <12 votes! This is exciting!

  • Albert

    Two votes! Can you stand it?

  • Albert

    Tied at 3:58PM. That’s a rate of 100 vph.

  • Oh man, we can’t lose now! Come on people!

  • Albert

    Pulling away at 2 vpm (120 vph!: fast enough to get a ticket in Central Park).

  • Pandabear

    Umm, wow, *every* other option is car-focused. I appreciate that cleaner cars have to be a part of the sustainability picture in the burbs and rural areas, but … really? Five websites about cars and one about transportation more generally?

  • Albert

    Let’s assume that’s why Streetsblog is in the lead now.

  • Albert

    Autoblog Green & EcoModder have been pretty much stuck at 445 and 675, respectively, for an hour, while Streetsblog has climbed to a not-yet-commanding lead of 9 votes. No time to let down. Introduce your walking/cycling/publictransportation friends to Streetsblog now!

  • Just voted. Streetsblog is ahead, 860 to 739.

  • Albert

    Kevin, I think you have the numbers wrong. At 6:20 pm Streetsblog is ahead only 751 to a mere 683. Still impressive, but not yet commanding. 5 1/2 more hours to go.

  • Albert

    Sadly, EcoModder is now up 1,066 to Streetsblog’s 823. That’s an increase for EcoModder of 400 after not moving at all for hours.

    I’m just sayin’.

  • Alon Levy

    Bleh. I voted, but we’re 300 votes down.

  • guest

    Regardless of who wins the popularity contest, this is a win for you guys. A lot of people are seeing your site for the first time.


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