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  • Private Firm Will Build and Finance the New Goethals Bridge and Its Additional Lanes (News)
  • From L.A., a Transplanted NYer Shakes His Head at Schumer’s Anti-Bike Lane Vendetta (HuffPo)
  • NBBLers Now Get Quoted in Every Bklyn Paper Story About Bikes
  • How Many Trees Die Because the Post Prints Garbage By Sally Goldenberg?
  • Video: Why the Central Park Red Light Ticket Blitz Makes No Sense (Chasing Wheels)
  • The Economist: America’s Most Livable City Is Pittsburgh (Reuters)
  • Poor Sightlines, Narrower Sidewalks Endangering Peds Walking to New 96th Street Station (DNAinfo)
  • Download a Free App and Help Crowdsource Subway Tracking (2nd Ave Sagas)
  • Hoboken and Jersey City Exploring Full-Fledged Bike-Share (Planetizen)
  • Man Run Over By SUV on LI Beach Last May Still Can’t Wrest Crash Report Out of Nassau PD (Post)
  • Stay Classy and Honest, Marty Markowitz (Post)

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  • re: From L.A., a Transplanted NYer Shakes His Head at Schumer’s Anti-Bike Lane Vendetta (HuffPo)

    @HuffingtonPost Walk like an Egyptian back to the future in praise of @netzeroMobility

  • EP

    This was also mentioned in today’s Daily News on pg 12 (print version). Somehow was not able to locate it in the online version

  • Larry Littlefield

    Knuckeballer RA Dickey is in good enough shape to pedal home from Spring Training.

  • Re: NBBLers Now Get Quoted in Every Bklyn Paper Story About Bikes

    Attempting to nibble to death like ducks the extraordinary value of net-zero mobility and its minimalist infrastructure, self-anointed “Neighbors for Better Bike Lanes” NBBLers come like homeless people advising on real estate.

    Currently quiescent after basking in the title as the “Senator for Wall Street,” on Financial, Securities, Insurance and Investment subcommittees, Chuck Schumer was there front-and-center at the removal of crucial banking and finance regulations leading to the financial meltdown, i.e., the 1999 repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act and deregulation of the OTC derivatives market through the Commodities Future Modernization Act.
    — “No Solutions for Food Crisis without Human Rights,” Stephen Michael Apatow,

    Now, with wife in tow, he is attempting to scuttle the advance of this iconic city’s modern net-zero transportation despite the fact that estimated costs of climate change are in the many trillions of dollars.

    You can’t make this stuff up; and we’ve front-row seating to the inane logic and monkey business-as-usual driving the collapse of civilization via manmade climate change.

    — Climate change could contribute as much as 10% to portfolio risk over the next 20 years.

    — The cost of impacts on the physical environment, health and food security could exceed $4 trillion.

    — Climate change related policy changes could increase the cost of carbon emissions by as much as $8 trillion.

    “Trillions At State From Climate Change Over the Next 20 Years,” The Seitch Blog,

    “Energy and Global Warming news for February 16: Trillions at stake from climate change by 2030,” Climate Progress,

  • re: Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    ( )

    My apologies to homeless people by the metaphor and association.

  • Andrew

    The 96th Street station is a serious problem. I’ve had to use it somewhat regularly lately, and it’s extremely dangerous. To reach the northernmost entrance from the north (which, of course, is where most people are coming from – otherwise they’d be using the other two entrances), you have to cross 96th and then Broadway. So if you arrive as the north-south light is turning red (which is probably the case if you caught the light at 97th), you have to wait for the light twice – on the newly narrowed sidewalk – just to get to the station entrance. Is it any wonder that people try to beat the light?

    And it should be no surprise here that motorists don’t hesitate to run the red light or to turn without yielding to pedestrians – moreso here than elsewhere in the neighborhood, perhaps because of the highway entrance two blocks away.

    The solution? I’d start by banning all turns, except the west-to-north turn which the crosstown bus uses (and which is probably the least troublesome of them all from a pedestrian perspective). I’d install red light cameras on all four approaches. I’d then widen the Broadway median on the north side of 96th – which was narrowed to make room for a left-turn pocket that’s no longer needed – and paint a crosswalk directly from there to the subway station median on the south side, so that people approaching the station can cross either street first. (I’ve seen a few people cross median-to-median now, but it’s certainly daring with all the turning traffic.) Finally, I’d come back after a year and see if, with turning movements eliminated, it’s feasible to take away a traffic lane from each side of Broadway and restore the sidewalks to their former widths.

    (I used to use that station every day, and I’m glad I no longer live in the neighborhood.)

  • Eric Ulrich doesn’t have an e-fax number for his office? That’s a no-brainer workflow boost for any legislator in the 21st Century.

  • Andrew

    People still have paper fax machines? Why?

  • Mark Walker

    I largely agree with Andrew about the 96th St. IRT station. I approach the station from the north, as he does, and encounter the same problems. This corner was always hazardous but it’s worse now. Pedestrians have too little space for rush-hour flow and too little time to cross the street. The nibbled sidewalk should be restored and the turning-traffic phase eliminated. Traffic cameras are a great idea too.

  • Andrew

    Following up on my earlier post, I had to go to 96th earlier this afternoon, and I timed the walk from the turnstile to the northwest corner of 97th and Broadway, religiously waiting for walk signals at all three crossings:

    34 sec to reach the intersection (Bway median on south side of 96th)
    32 sec for the walk signal (I hadn’t just missed the light)
    9 sec to cross to the SW corner
    28 sec for the walk signal
    17 sec to cross to the NW corner
    44 sec to reach 97th (missing the light by a few seconds)
    43 sec for the walk signal
    8 sec to cross to the NE corner

    So the total walk took 215 sec, of which 103 sec, or 48%, was spent waiting for the light. Is it any wonder that pedestrians cross against the light? The wait for the light is simply unreasonable. Maybe the city should retime the signals so that motorists have to spend half their time waiting for the light and pedestrians get easier access to the subway.

    Although the subway station belongs to NYCT, the street-level modifications had to be approved by DOT – and Weinshall was in charge back then. I wonder what would have happened if Sadik-Khan had been running the show.


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