Read All About It: Victims’ Loved Ones Fed Up With Markowitz

For some reason this piece by Jake Pearson in today’s Daily News didn’t make it into the online edition, but here’s a look at what they printed on page 33…

For those who don’t want to squint, Pearson’s lead paragraphs go like so:

The families of Brooklyn residents killed or injured by cars while biking in the borough last year are fuming at Borough President Marty Markowitz.

Advocates and angry victims’ families charge Markowitz made light of their loss by peddling into last week’s State of the Borough address on an oversized tricycle — an obvious jab at the controversial Prospect Park West bike lane.

“At the very least he could acknowledge the issue, as opposed to making jokes about it,” said Naomi Doerner, 32, whose boyfriend Scott Andresen suffered a serious spinal cord injury after being struck by a speeding car last July on Myrtle Ave. in Clinton Hill.

“His constituents are paying the ultimate price, and we’re not the butt-end of a joke,” Doerner said.

You can read the rest here.

  • Marcia Kramer’s Eyebrow

    It’s great to know that Marty is not against all bikes lanes – just one on PPW – one that is as successful as any other in the city in making the street safer for all users and slowing down vehicles. And now in a severe budget crisis he wants the city to spend $300K ripping it up.

    Good job Marty, lots of sense as usual.

  • dporpentine

    Of course, the PPW lane is not just “as successful as any other in the city,” it’s (according to DOT) significantly safer than almost anything they’ve ever seen. But, hey ho, it’s still gotta go. After all, a small clutch of powerful people find it unattractive!

  • Steven F

    My 90 year old mother has been using a tricycle to do her shopping for more than 30 years. She’s a WW-II veteran Navy Nurse.

    So Marty comes out on a tricycle treating cycling like a circus clown act. Is that all it’s good for, a clown act?

    Marty, you are insulting my mother and endangering her life with your clown act.

    This clown is not a mensch.
    But he is, in German, a piece of gold jewelery.


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