Eyes on the Street: Motorist Wrecks Brooklyn Monument to Slain Veterans

A reader alerted us to this video taken just before midnight yesterday. The scene is at Bartel Pritchard Square, the traffic circle in Brooklyn where Prospect Park West meets 15th Street and Prospect Park Southwest. Apparently the driver of this black BMW was proceeding south on PPW carelessly enough not to notice the trees, benches, and enormous granite war monument in the center of the circle. We’re following up with NYPD to see if anyone was hurt.

Pedestrians and cyclists are much less exposed to speeding since the PPW bike lane went in, and thank God people are shielded from this insanity when they ride on PPW now. Enforcement needs to take care of the hardcore scofflaws that remain.

Here’s the monument in better days:

Photo: bridgeandtunnelclub
Photo: ##http://www.bridgeandtunnelclub.com/bigmap/brooklyn/prospectpark/bartelpritchard/index.htm##bridgeandtunnelclub##
  • Are there witnesses mentioned apparently careless driving, or was this from the rain/hail storm last night. I know even with extra care on my bike, i still nearly skidded a few dozen times as the rain came down.

  • Whoa, you would think the person driving this car would be seriously injured after hitting a slab of stone like that! Hope they are ok.

  • Peter from Stuy Town

    Yeah, Paco’s right. It was really ugly out there last night. Anyone could get into a mess like that.

  • Patrick

    This happened around 11:45pm or so, much after the hail and rain storm. You’d have to be going pretty fast down Prospect Park West to miss everything and not be able to stop after jumping the curb and before noticing the monument.

  • Carl Paladino

    This occurred just before midnight, after the rain. I was there. The streets were still damp, but the bad stuff was long since over. Weather was not an excuse, IMO. My interpretation was that the driver was going too fast down Prospect Park W., was unfamiliar with the area, and somehow didn’t realize until too late that the straightaway was interrupted by a traffic circle. But there could of course be other explanations that exonerate the driver: mechanical failure? seizure? Who knows….

  • Weather is not an excuse. Never has been. Can’t see anything? Stop the f—ing car.

  • Weather is not an excuse. Never has been. Can’t see anything? Stop the f—ing car.

    Thank you, Dave!

  • Do NOT call it an ACCIDENT! Accidents are unpreventable. It is either an incident or collision, if it could be prevented from happening.

  • Peter from Stuy Town

    Yes, it’s always very easy to tell us exactly what was going on from the safety of your keyboard.


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