Today’s Headlines

  • Pratt’s Joan Byron Talks Sheridan Teardown With Andrea Bernstein (WNYC)
  • 12-Year-Old Freddie Flores Killed By Trucker at Fresh Pond Road in Middle Village (Queens Chron)
  • Yassky: After Service Cuts, NYC Needs a Commuter Van Plan (Bklyn Paper)
  • Samuelsen: NYC Needs Commuter Vans Like a Hole in the Head (Bklyn Paper)
  • DiNapoli’s MTA Overtime Audit Reinforces What Walder’s Been Saying (SAS, News, WNYC)
  • Good Stuff From Allison Arieff About What Americans Are Looking for Now in New Homes
  • Livery Cab Driver Runs Light, Drags Pedestrian in Midtown (WABC via Gothamist)
  • Dan Maes Won’t Recant Insane Bike-Share Theory (City Room)
  • "Amtrak" Joe Biden Needs to Start Taking Transit on His NYC Junkets (Post)
  • It’s Peak Season for Play Streets. Streetfilms’ Dahlia Ramsay Files This Report…

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  • Larry Littlefield

    Someone noticed where the worst MTA overtime abuses are. In the usual place, outside New York City.

    A lot of the TWU’s problem is that they think it is unfair that they don’t get to rip off the people as much as other unions (and managements and contractors). Thus, they think more ripoffs for them is “fairness.” Just like those on Wall Street think more bonsues for them is “fairness,” based on the bonsuses of others on Wall Street.

  • re:

    Yassky: After Service Cuts, NYC Needs a Commuter Van Plan (Bklyn Paper)
    Samuelsen: NYC Needs Commuter Vans Like a Hole in the Head (Bklyn Paper)

    New York City needs an extremely practical, comfortable, convenient, low-cost, safe transportation system much less than 1% the environmental footprint of transportation systems based on cars.


    Deadly heat wave searing South
    Cities set up cooling center; forecasters warn of another dangerous day

    “It’s really, really hot now, but it even stays hot at night, . . . “It don’t make any difference. It just stays hot.”

    The scorching temperatures and high humidity made it feel like at least 100 degrees in many places, with heat advisories in effect for 18 states.

    Two concrete sections of U.S. Highway 49 in central Mississippi buckled Tuesday, when temperatures hit 103 degrees.

    “I can assure you, it was probably 120 degrees on the concrete,” said Steve Grantham, assistant district engineer for the Mississippi Department of Transportation.”

    (One could argue that the last two paragraphs make this comment on-topic.)

  • J C

    Re: Freddie Flores

    Three summonses, one dead child, no criminal charges? I’m sorry, but how many rules do you have to be breaking when you kill someone for it to become a crime?

  • This video is so cute! Zumba, and hula? Makes me wanna run outside and play. Great job, Dahlia!


Today’s Headlines

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Today’s Headlines

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