Today’s Headlines

  • Albany Deems Some Dirty, Destructive, Addictive Habits More Tax-Worthy Than Others (NYT)
  • City Looks to Dollar Vans to Help Compensate for Bus Cuts (Transpo Nation)
  • Oil War Veterans to Lose Bus-Driving Jobs (News)
  • Second Ave Residents Paid Up to $9K a Month for Temporary Displacement (NYT, SAS)
  • Assembly Hack Janele Hyer-Spencer Blames MTA for Theft of Transit Funds (Advance)
  • City Backs Off Plan to Trash Ghost Bikes (News)
  • Advocate on Yankee Stadium Park Replacement: "It’s a Mess" (News)
  • Fans and Foes of New Domino Gather for City Council Hearing (NY1, Bklyn Paper)
  • Brooklyn Bridge Park Construction Forcing Pedestrians Into Street (Bklyn Paper)
  • Driver Takes Time From Pumping Gas to Vent Anger at Big Oil (Riverdale Press)
  • MtotheI

    This is totally unrelated…if anyone lost a set of keys today, I found them on the Manhattan Bridge bike path and picked em up. Let me know.

  • Bolwerk

    “You have to be able to understand the technical nuances of these agencies,” said Ms. Hyer-Spencer.


  • J. Mork

    Where can I find the Dollar Van schedule?

  • Larry Littlefield

    So, bicycles, dollar vans and telecommuting. They can bankrupt the MTA, cripple the schools, close the libraries and let garbage pile up in the parks, but they can’t take those options away from us, can they?

  • J:Lai

    I just read the article in the Riverdale Press about drivers avoiding BP filling stations.

    I wish people were educated enough to know that this has virtually no impact on BP. Oil is a commodity and gas that you buy at an Exxon station may have come from a well operated by BP and vice-versa. There is a small margin that a producer makes selling through their own franchise vs. a third party, but it is a tiny fraction of the overall revenue. I’m not sure if it even gets its own line in the quarterly report.

    It would be so much more effective to just use less gas, period.

  • Andrew

    Does Hyer-Spencer really think the MTA is so mismanaged that $143 million doesn’t make a difference?

    I think Hyer-Spencer is mismanaged. Too bad I can’t vote for Malliotakis.


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