Bike to Work Day Open Thread


How was your ride to work today? Bike traffic on the Manhattan Bridge seemed heavier than usual. After I took a few pictures of the Sands Street bike path, I got onto the bridge approach with a platoon of about a dozen people on bikes. At the end of the bridge, an apple from the TA breakfast table really hit the spot. Later I overheard this snippet in the elevator: "It’s like national ride-your-bike-to-work day."

If you’ve got pictures of bike traffic you want to share, tag them "streetsblog" on Flickr or tell us about them via Twitter — @StreetsblogNYC.




  • Larry Littlefield

    It was a nice ride as usual, with one exception. On 8th Avenue in Park Slope, a couple of SUVs whizzed by with their mirrors an inch from my elbow while honking — trying to drive me into the door zone or off the road.

    That really almost never happens. I guess they were celebrating bike to work day in their own way. I can’t wait for the protected bike lane on Prospect Park West.

  • J

    I rode on the new Greenway segment on the Hudson River. It’s amazing! Definitely worth the wait.

  • i volunteered at the base of the manhattan bridge and saw loads of DOT staff and the commish herself swing by to say hi. I spoke to loads of riders, some daily commuters, some first timers and also used a click counter for a rough tally… 459 in under two hours. awesome.

  • Paul

    I got to ride with Janette “Cycling” Khan from the Manhattan Bridge to Times Square, where I met a biking bird. Pedal, baby, Pedal!

  • It’s payday, the day when I buy pastries for the guys in the garage who let me park for free. Other than that, I saw one other guy who looked like a commuter on my northern Manhattan commute. No velocicrats anywhere in sight.

  • I had a platoon on Allen Street and another one on 9th Street — and that was at 11am when presumably most people are already at work!

  • I biked to the W-Burg bridge from Howard Ave in Brooklyn, using Broadway (the most direct path) and thence to 42nd & Lexington. Nothing remarkable, I do this every weekday of the year. Can I take this opportunity to dampen the cheer of Bike-to-Work Day, by making a comment on Broadway?

    Broadway in Brooklyn might be the worst, most dangerous place to bike in all of NYC. Under the elevated tracks, it’s dark. The road itself is in a foul state of repair. It’s two lanes, plus parking, double parking, and I’ve even seen triple parking. Except late at night, on every block at any hour you can find double-parked delivery trucks, livery cabs, and other sundry fat morons waddling forth from their SUVs and minivans to get a fix of the junk food that is the retail staple of Broadway.

    Horrible, horrible, horrible. Why do I do it? Partly because I’m lazy: it’s the quickest way to get to the bridge. My wish is that the DOT would turn Bushwick into protected bike paths (Bushwick is kind of out of the way, but at least it roughly parallels Broadway). What’s more, Bushwick is just begging for the treatment: it’s four lanes with long lights, and car drivers barrel down it at highway speeds. It is begging for traffic calming, and since it’s so wide (with extra ample sidewalks) it would be easy to create an east-west biking corridor into Brooklyn there. DOT, if you’re reading this, please consider. Happy Bike Day.

  • David, I sympathize, but have you tried riding on the bike lanes on Evergreen and Central Avenues, one and two blocks, respectively, to the east of Bushwick Ave?

  • J:Lai

    David_K, I agree with you about Broadway – got to be one of the worst places to ride. I try to avoid it as much as possible, even if I have to go a little out of the way.

  • Saw a great range of cyclists on the Queens Side of the Queensboro bridge, while giving out snacks and gathering Bike Report Card responses and TA memberships. The Q’bo cyclist traffic is the most diverse in the city!

  • Edward

    I too sympathize with you David. Bushwick Ave. and Bushwick in general is rampant with speeding and aggressive drivers…
    I commute along Meserole or Scholes (coming home) to avoid Broadway. It would be nice to have some infrastructure somewhere…anything really. Or maybe some enforcement of the speed limit.

  • Edward

    I would like to add though that today my ride was very pleasant.

  • I had an awesome ride this morning. Stopped for an hour at Upper Green Side’s relief station at 72nd and Fifth to serve coffee, juice and fruit to passing cyclists.

    Then realized I forgot the key to my lock and bogarted my way into my building for the first time ever.

  • Bill from Brooklyn

    It was great weather for Bike to Work Day, but I didn’t get the sense that there were that many more people biking this morning than I would normally see on a really nice Friday. I saw the TA contingent on the Brooklyn Bridge, but didn’t stop as I had a morning meeting.

    I made myself laugh last night on the way home as I was riding along Third Avenue in Brooklyn. As I approached I think Union Street, I had the light and there perpendicular, completely blocking the bike lane was someone in office clothes waiting for the light to cross Third Avenue. My only choice was to swing into traffic on Third Avenue or to significantly slow and dip down into Union Street just before a parked car to pass this rude cyclist (who didn’t move an inch). Since there was a truck on Third I choose the latter and as I went past our rude cyclist, I spontaneously yelled to him “you’re worse than a car”. I then laughed at myself almost all the way to the Gowanus.

  • Jonathan (and others) – thank you. Good suggestions. I have taken the lanes on Central/Evergreeen. I’m coming from Decatur in BedStuy, so those routes are kind of out-of-the way (as is the Bedford bike lane from where I’m at).

    My rant was partly prompted by laziness (I always leave the door at the last minute to get to work) — but all the same, it would be great to have a bike route that actually connects the eastern part of Brooklyn with the bridge.

  • David, Google Bike Maps says you have a 0.8 mile detour if you use Evergreen instead of Broadway. I figure that works out to about six minutes lost on your way to the Willy-B.

    I’m assuming that you can bomb down Broadway faster, bad pavement and moronic waddlers notwithstanding, than Evergreen and the lacy route through East Williamsburg.

  • Jonathan, that is convincing. I’ll give Evergreen another shot. Maybe on this bike-to-work day I’ll actually find a workable bike route!

  • LOLcat

    Isn’t every day the weather is nice “bike to work day”?

  • molly

    In the time it took me to get from my office in Midtown to the Bowery Whole Foods, I seriously feared for my safety at least three times because of careless cabbies (I’ve been bike commuting for a year now). I don’t care how much bike infrastructure the city has, at some point people on bikes have to “share” the road with them. Bike commuting in New York will never be mainstream so long as cabbies drive like maniacs without repercussion.

  • Clarence

    I was in Boston today helping cover the NACTO “cities for cycling” event. UnbeLievable ginormous breakfast event at City Hall. Could have had 1,000 visitors easy. Truly awesome even here in Boston which is just getting it’s bicycling feet with some new lanes and alll…

  • #18. LOLCat, “Isn’t every day the weather is nice ‘bike to work day?'”

    There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.

    This may seem somewhat of a stretch but, there are such things as spacesuits for incredible out-of-this-world difficulties virtually in the absence of weather and clothing required by open cockpit vehicles racing — at 60 miles per hour — 3,000 miles across the vast stretches of Antarctica during the dead of winter with wind chills in excess of minus 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

    For more normal use, a certain amount of practicality exists with performance clothing which is constantly being improved for what seems to be a growing market.

  • Well I’m a couple days late, but I biked to work today for the first time from BedStuy (near Bedford/Nostrand G station) to Herald Square. I had a great time and will be making it a habit. No near death experiences, though I did ride up the East River Greenway up to 35th St, so I wasn’t in traffic most of the way.

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