Today’s Headlines

  • Congratulations, Albany Intransigents: Today’s Your Day (AMNY, NY1, SAS)
  • DMI’s John Petro: Espada Bridge Toll Plan Is Too Little, Too Late (HuffPo)
  • City Releases GPS-Driven Manhattan Traffic Study; Times Takes It in From the Driver’s Seat
  • Streets Designed to Slow European Motorists Will Work in U.S. Too (Infrastructurist)
  • Joshua Delarosa Conscious, Will Be Moved From Intensive Care; No Charges Expected (News)
  • Attorney, Former Lieberman Staffer David Greenfield Takes Simcha Felder’s Council Seat (News)
  • New Transpo Chair James Vacca: City Forcing Drivers to "Take Their Cars Elsewhere" (Advance)
  • Parking-Crazed Flushingites Spark Pandering Contest Between CMs Koo and Halloran (News)
  • Griping From Businesses May Curtail Car-Free Williamsburg Events (Bklyn Paper)
  • Traffic Sign Hacker Has a Message for Ratner (News, NY1, Brooklynian)

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  • Larry Littlefield

    The MTA cuts? This is nothing.

    Public services are going to be destroyed, with the infrastructure in particular destroyed, because cuts in infrastructure funding take time to show up, allowing more seniors to cash in and move out before experiencing those consequences.

    Mass transit will be a particular target, because it is used by people who matter less. New York City schools as well.

  • Did anyone hear Deputy HUD Secretary Ron Sims on The Takeaway this morning, talk about bicycling to work?

    The story was about the crushing costs of automobile transportation — and how those dream homes out in the exurbs, which (often) have seemingly affordable mortgages, become unaffordable for people who have to commute more than an hour each way to work.

    Here’s the quote from Sims:
    “We can’t afford it. We have to rethink how we live — it means, closer to work. It means using things like public transportation or non-motorized transportation like bicycles. [It means] pedestrian-friendly areas near jobs.”

  • Liz Krueger sent out a newsletter about the budget options and a survey she conducted among her constituents.

    Congestion pricing was included

  • Larry Littlefield

    I didn’t see the following:

    Default on debts run up without referendums during good times.

    Increase employee contributions to pensions, to make up for dozens of retroactive pension enhancements enacted in backroom deals and then described as free.

    Since current retirees got those retroactive enhancements and didn’t pay for them, require them to pay half the cost of their health benefits instead.

    Tax retirement income at the same rate as worker income, so wealthier retirees don’t pay less in tax than the working poor.

    Eliminate the extra 130,000 local government workers added in the portion of New York State outside New York City in the past 20 years, during a time of stagnant population.

    Change the state labor arbitration process to allow arbitrators to consider the effect of contracts on public services, rather than just the ability to pay given the highest state and local taxes in the country and the wages of workers who are paid two years for each they work. Eliminate the usual compromise between anti-tax interests and less-for-more unions that sacrifices public services, particularly in NYC.

    Freeze the wages and benefits of public employees with seniority until enough raises are given to younger and new public employees to offset all the “screw the newbie flee to Florida” contracts over 40 years, equalizing lifetime compensation.


Today’s Headlines

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