Today’s Headlines

  • Pols Pledge to Step Up With $214M for Student MetroCards (News)
  • Staten Island Express Buses Could Be on the Block (NY1)
  • Second Ave Sagas: There’s a Method to Seeming Madness of MTA Service Cuts
  • DMI’s John Petro: Road Pricing or Hobbled Transit System? It’s Up to Albany. (HuffPo)
  • Paterson Budget Would Fold Empire State Development Corp. Into New Agency (Times Union)
  • Race On for Council Spot as "Mr. Comptroller" Deputizes Simcha Felder (Gothamist, Bklyn Eagle)
  • Senate Panel Recommends Expulsion or Censure of Convict Monserrate (NYT)
  • Anthony Weiner Finds His Cause: Diplomats With Unpaid Parking Tickets (City Room)
  • Cyclist Killed on Delancey Street Identified as 35-Year-Old Fuen Bai (DNAinfo via Gothamist)
  • Pedestrian Critical After Collision in Hollis Hills; Driver Blames Sun; No Charges (NY1)
  • FocusDriven, New Group Modeled on MADD, Takes on Distracted Driving (Bits, NY1)

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  • WNYC has this on diverting 10% of New York federal stimulus funds from transportation capital projects, to keep the MTA running without service cuts:

    It’s called the “Beame Shuffle”

  • cyclist/ped

    last night at around 5:40pm on 8th Avenue in Hell’s Kitchen a group of minority kids were playing Crack the Whip across the bike lane and in traffic. It was really cute! but a little dangerous as that intersection is not well lit.

  • Doug

    You should add this one to today’s headlines:

    Report Links Vehicle Exhaust to Health Problems.

    It’s as good an argument as any for closing parks to automobile traffic and looking for more car-free street opportunities, especially in poor neighborhoods near highways.

  • Pedestrian with right of way hit by driver with sun in his eyes: How can that possibly be an excuse to avoid a charge, or even a ticket? If you can’t see, you don’t put your foot on the accelerator. How can a driver driving blind who accelerates into a crosswalk that he knows may contain pedestrians with the right of way, and who hits such a pedestrian hard enough to smash his windshiled as shown in the picture, possibly argue that his conduct was anything less than reckless? It is no less reckless than driving blind on a sidewalk!

    Is NYPD’s windshield mentality so ingrained that they give a pass to this kind of behavior just because there was no admitted intention to do harm? Did NYPD even interview witnesses other than the motorist and his passengers to see if there was evidence contradicting the driver’s story?

    We’ll never know without a FOIL request.

  • Why not just get rid of the EDC entirely, or at least change it’s focus to building and repairing the infrastructure the state desperately needs rather than just functioning as a way to siphon money from taxpayers and line the pockets of the puppeteers who actually control the politicians like Bill Ratner?
    Heck, if you build infrastructure the state desperately needs, then given the new train stations, connections, etc the free market will naturally encourage builders to develop.

  • Matt_SKO

    Sun in the eye at 9:30 am? The sun must have been very tired today.

  • Sun-in-your-eyes is a totally valid reason to not see someone crossing the street. Driving with the sun in your eyes is what’s the crime; when you’re blinded, you should brake firmly and throw on your hazards until you can see again.

    In a just world, the driver would be criminally charged with something like reckless operation of a motor vehicle resulting in manslaughter. ‘Cause that’s his crime.

  • gecko, it’s here! Elevated guideway for stock bicycles, with safety features: Kolelinia


Today’s Headlines

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