The Unofficial Word: Vacca to Head Transportation Committee

Politicker’s Azi Paybarah has the scoop on which City Council members Speaker Christine Quinn will likely choose for the most high-profile committee chairmanships. The assignments have yet to be made official, but it looks like the transportation committee, as rumored, will go to Jimmy Vacca, who represents the most suburban part of the Bronx.

A few other committee assignments of note: Eastern Queens rep Leroy Comrie will get the plum position of Land Use chair; Peter Vallone keeps his slot as head of the Public Safety Committee; and James Gennaro stays atop the Committee on Environmental Protection.

  • Definitely not ideal, but hey that’s politics in NYC.

    I hope livable streets advocates look at this as a chance to convert Vacca to our cause instead of wallowing in self pity or blaming Quinn for not installing Garodnick. The power of advocacy is to change hearts and minds – here’s another target.

  • TA should sort out its members by zip code, and, working through its Bronx Committee, help organize a presence that will remind CM Vacca that he represents cyclists and pedestrians as well as motorists.

  • J

    I think I’m with Glenn here. Yes, his district is fairly suburban for NYC standards, but the 2, 5, and 6 subway lines run right through his district, as does NYC’s only BRT line, the Bx12. Almost 40% of his constituents don’t own a vehicle. Clearly he realizes it’s in his interest to support transit, we just need to convince him that supporting walking and biking are also in his interest and discourage pandering to drivers with bad policy.

  • You would think, J, but that didn’t really work for other red-district councilmembers like Liu, who paid lip service to transit while doing heavy lifting on behalf of drivers.

    Maybe in 2012 we’ll be better prepared to push for a chair from a yellow district, like Levin or Lander. Or maybe the Bronx will elect a progressive on transportation issues to replace Rivera.

  • Geck

    I don’t see why we should not blame Quinn.

  • glenn

    Geck – because she’s reflecting the political realities that Transportation is not an issue that the outerborough folks want to leave to Manhattanites.

    It’s up to us to change this, but I can’t fault a legislative leader for following the wishes of her conference.

  • Geck

    Yes it is apparently up to us but (as an outerborough person) I like my leaders to lead and not pander.

  • Marty Barfowitz

    Oh well. John Liu sucked too. But we survived and even sort of thrived in City Council.


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