The Weekly Carnage

The Weekly Carnage is a Friday round-up of motor vehicle mayhem
across the metro region. For more on the origins and purpose of this
column, please read About the Weekly Carnage.

carnage_raulston_news.jpgCyclist Solange Raulston, 33, was killed on December 13 when she was hit by the driver of a flatbed truck at a Greenpoint intersection known to be hazardous to cyclists and pedestrians. The driver was not charged. Photo via Daily News

Fatal Crashes (21 Killed Since 12/4, 310 This Year*, 28 Drivers Charged**)

  • Brooklyn: Greenpoint Cyclist Killed by Truck Driver; No Charges (News, Post, Bklyn Paper, Gothamist)
  • Brooklyn: Hit-and-Run Driver Surrenders After Killing Pedestrian in Bay Ridge (NY1, Newsday)
  • Brooklyn: Elderly Pedestrian Dies in Sunset Park Hit-and-Run (News, Post, NY1)
  • Brooklyn: Elderly Pedestrian Struck by Ambulance at Intersection Built for Speed (Streetsblog)
  • Bronx: Driver Killed in Three-Vehicle Crash Involving Tom Brokaw (NYT)
  • New Rochelle: Man Exits Limo After Argument, Hit by Three Drivers (LoHud)
  • Putnam Co.: 1 Killed in Head-On Collision on Icy Road (LoHud, CT Post)
  • Yorktown: 1 Killed After Driving Into Utility Pole (LoHud)
  • LI: 2 Pedestrians Killed in Lindenhurst, Ronkonkoma (Newsday 1, 2)
  • Bay Shore, LI: Pedestrian Killed by Hit-and-Run Driver (Newsday)
  • Mastic Beach, LI: Three-Vehicle Collision With Two School Buses Kills Truck Driver (Newsday)
  • Center Moriches, LI: 1 Killed, 4 Hurt in Two-Vehicle Crash (Newsday)
  • Wantagh, LI: 1 Killed in Drag Racing Crash; 2 Charged With Manslaughter (Newsday)
  • Jersey City: Driver With History of Seizures Crashes Into House, Dies (Jersey Jrnl)
  • Irvington, NJ: Man Changing Tire on Garden State Pkwy Killed in Hit-and-Run (NJLN)
  • Paramus, NJ: Truck Driver Killed in Three-Vehicle Collision (S-L)
  • Bloomsbury, NJ: Man Dies After Driving Under Tractor-Trailer (S-L)
  • Belleville, NJ: Driver, 20, Killed, Passenger Injured in One-Car Crash (S-L)
  • Secaucus, NJ: Man Pinned to Building by His Own Van (Jersey Jrnl)
  • Oxford, CT: Motorcyclist Killed in Single-Vehicle Crash (CT Post)

Arrests, Injuries and Property Damage

  • Unlicensed Driver Severely Injures 2 Brooklyn Teens; Charged With Assault, DWI (PIX, News 1, 2)
  • Queens: Off-Duty NYPD Detective Smashes Car Into Midtown Tunnel Toll Plaza (Post)
  • SI: Elderly Driver Crashes Into Store, Pinning Shopper Beneath SUV (Advance)
  • Manhattan: 2 Cabs Crash Into NYU Scaffolding (Gothamist)
  • Bronx: Motorist Assaults TEA Over Parking “Grace Period” (Streetsblog)
  • Bronx: Off-Duty Cop Injured in Collision With DWI Woman (Post)
  • SI: Mom Arrested After DWI Crash With Kids in Car (News)
  • SI: Unlicensed Driver Busted for Possession; DWI Suspect Flips SUV (Post)
  • SI: Woman Hospitalized After Flipping SUV on Hylan Blvd in Midland Beach (Advance)
  • SI: Driver Who Got Cops’ Attention by Driving 10 MPH Arrested for DWI (Advance)
  • SI: 3 Drivers in Separate Incidents Arrested for Driving Drunk, High (Advance)
  • Weehawken: Crashed Tractor Trailer Clogs Lincoln Tunnel Traffic (WPIX)
  • Hoboken: Federal Officer Charged With DWI, Leaving Scene After Crash (Jersey Jrnl)
  • Brentwood, LI: Cyclist Hit, Seriously Injured (Newsday)
  • Shelton, CT: Weather Blamed for 50-Car Collision That Injures Scores (CT Post)
  • Metuchen, NJ: Pedestrian Hit, Critically Injured Near Train Station; No Charges (S-L)
  • Union City, NJ: Woman Tries to Run Over Husband With Kids in Car (Jersey Jrnl)

Following Up

  • “Leandra’s Law” Takes Effect Today (NY1)
  • Victims, Electeds, Advos Want Tougher Punishment for Unlicensed Drivers (Streetsblog)
  • Brooklyn: B41 Ped Fatality an Apparent Hit-and-Run; Driver in the Clear (Post)
  • Family of Pedestrian Killed by Off-Duty Detective Sues NYPD, Feds (R’dale Press, Post)
  • Queens: Astoria Residents, Electeds Rally for a Safer 21st Ave (Queens Gazette, Your Nabe)
  • SI: Driver Convicted in 2007 DWI Crash That Killed Pataki Aide (Advance)
  • Newark: Truck Driver in Hit-and-Run Pedestrian Death Located, Not Charged (S-L)
  • Lawsuit Filed in Diane Schuler Crash (City Room)
  • Milford, CT: Speeding Cop in Crash That Killed 2 Teens Fired (CT Post)
carnage_weezeraccident1209.jpgPhotos via Gothamist

Out of Town

  • Dallas, TX: Three Girls, 16, 14, and 12, Killed Trying to Cross “Urban Highway” (Dallas MN)
  • Chicago: Unwitting Cyclist Killed in Road Rage Conflict (ATA)
  • Anchorage, AK: Drunk Driver Indicted in Crash First Blamed on Dead Cyclist (BCA)
  • Philadelphia: 2 Charged With Murder for Sidewalk Crash That Killed Mom and 3 Kids (AP)
  • Fallsburg, NY: 4 Killed in One-Car Wreck; Speeding Suspected (Newsday)
  • Syracuse: Nurse Run Down in Hit-and-Run Outside Hospital; Teen Driver Arrested (AP 1, 2)
  • Italian Police Wreck Lamborghini Patrol Car (Wheels)
  • Berbiguieres, FR: Driver Walks for DWI Crash That Killed 4, Including Wife, Stepdaughter (Telegraph)
  • Weezer Singer Rivers Cuomo Injured in Albany-Area Tour Bus Crash (Gothamist)
  • Sylvan, MI: Former “American Idol” Contestant Dies in One-Car Wreck (Post)
  • St. Louis: Cardinals’ Third Baseman David Freese Arrested for DWI (AP)
  • Charlotte, NC: Cincinnati Bengals WR Chris Henry Killed After Falling From Pickup (Post)

Trends and Other News

  • Silent Carnage: Air Quality Tests Show NYers at Risk From Vehicle Emissions (Streetsblog)
  • Teen-Targeted DWI Program Created by Maureen McCormick Goes Citywide (News)
  • Speeding Drivers Boost Crash Rate on Verrazano-Narrows Bridge (Post)
  • Study Links Homicides and Traffic Fatality Rates (PubMed)
  • Tax Court Judge Allows Man to Write Off DWI Truck Damage (WSJ)
  • For Decades, Mobile Industry Has Peddled Phones as Distracted Driving Devices (Streetsblog)

* Since the week of June 8
** Drivers charged for deaths since the week of June 8, based on latest available reports

  • At first glace I thought that Subaru was covered in blood.

  • Here’s an exceptionally egregious story from South Jersey that I caught via the New Jersey Bicycle and Pedestrian News Digest that should be added to the list.

    Air Force pilot killed by speeding car – thrown 200 feet (see photos)
    Courier-Post • Tuesday, December 15, 2009
    Cherry Hill crash kills driver, man pruning tree
    Philadelphia Inquirer • Tuesday, December 15, 2009

    The man fights valiantly for his country, doing one of the most dangerous jobs in the military only to get killed by a reckless ass while trimming a tree in his front yard. Pathetic!

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  • Mike_Sallaberry

    Hey Newt, drink a High Life and watch this:

    “That’s the way, Patriot. Let the OPECs keep their gasoline. We’ll just tap into a far more efficient energy source: man-power. If we all learn to pull our weight…”

  • The Jefferson v Hamilton theme applied by Lazare is an eloquent way of explaining why this is becoming such a partisan issue.  This has been a bipartisan issue in the past largely because A) most people with the means drove and B) capital resources for transit improvements were plentiful when needed, governments weren’t really feeling the pinch.  Transit was seen as an entitlement for the poor, and for these reasons most other entitlements once enjoyed bipartisan support, as well.  

    I’m a believer we’ve reached global peak oil production (it’s indeed flat since 2008 – not including synthetics – and so have been annual VMT), which is in turn causing shortages of capital in the system, can’t produce more goods/services without more energy, and you can’t sell what you’re not producing, which means you’re not making as much of a profit to pay off loans, which means the interest on those loans isn’t producing the added capital needed to issue more more loans to help grow production, etc.

    Anyways, this reduction in capital is now catching up with us in so many ways, and everyone everywhere is feeling the pinch from their household budget to their operating budget, while those at the top of the foodchain are attempting to keep their real share of total assets, rather than the relative percentage as the whole pie shrinks.  It’s the fundamental dynamic behind the Tea Party’s rise, and Occupy as well. 

    Everyone is trying to protect their selfish interests because they can longer afford to accommodate each other’s.  This of course leads to those who have a lot of assets calling those of us calling for less waste, “elitists.”  Further, business-friendly Republicans are being wooed by an industry feeling the pinch of less capital and people trimming their wasteful assets and the growth of more harmonious lifestyles and infrastructure.

    In reality, if Jefferson were alive today he would be appalled at what car-culture has done to his agrarian utopia.  I think he’d take the same stance on transportation special interests that he took on religion with the Danbury Baptists: A Wall of Separation.