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The Daily News captured this off-the-cuff comment from Mayor Bloomberg on Albany’s sudden failure to deliver more than $350 million to New York’s transit system:

"I don’t know why anybody is surprised at what is happening to the
MTA," he said. "It’s a piggy bank that keeps getting raided."

  • Larry Littlefield

    One of many, in the public and private sectors.

    In year’s past, I would have said look this is a recession, we’re all in it together, and we all need to accept that we will have to pay more or accept less to preserve our institutions.

    But Generation Greed takes everything and gives nothing, and the more people contribute the more is sucked out. Sacrifices are thus in vain.

    I realized this when a decade long campaign to provide a decent education for NYC children ended in what was probably its objective all along — earlier retirement for NYC teachers, and higher spending in the already-overfunded rest of the state.

    As for the Second Avenue Subway, how many $billions have been borrowed for ongoing maintenance needs during the 15 years or so since the MTA started re-studying it? It’s like Lucy, Charlie Brown and the football.

  • He’s exactly right. And it is exactly for that reason that the City and Federal gov’t does not invest in transit: because they know the state will just take all that money and put it in to fill budget gaps in other areas like education or health care or other pet projects.

    The lesson is that the MTA’s budget should be a lock-box, separate and distinct from the rest of the state’s budget with dedicated revenue streams that cannot be redirected later.

    Or it needs to be directly under the Mayor or Governor’s control for accountability reasons.

  • ms nomer

    Is that his justification for also systematically reducing the city’s contribution towards the MTA budget?

  • yes


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