Chicago Police Say It Loud: Bikes Belong

Traffic Enforcement for Bicyclist Safety from Chicago Bicycle Program on Vimeo.

This amazing video, via Chicago Bicycle Advocate, was produced for the Chicago Police Department to educate drivers, cyclists and officers on traffic laws pertaining to bikes.

Considering the consistent disregard and hostility projected by New York’s Finest, that such videos exist (San Francisco has one too) is remarkable enough. But here, interspersed with horror stories from civilian cyclists, we have actual police officers — close to a dozen are listed in the credits — instructing their colleagues not just to enforce the law, but to treat bike riders with respect as rightful users of the road.

After a primer on how to fill out cyclist-involved crash reports, for example, the narrating officer gives advice on cyclist interviews. Given that a cyclist may be suffering from shock after a crash, he says: "You may need to follow up the next day, or talk with them after a trip to the emergency room." Imagine.

Does anyone know of other U.S. cities with similar police training materials? Will New Yorkers ever see the day when an NYPD officer publicly says something like, "The public counts on us to keep the roads safe, and to protect those who are at the greatest risk"?

  • Alright Streetsblog! That’s much better!

    This is an absolutely superb video. I haven’t seen any other major US city produce a bike educational video directly targeted and tailored for their own PD.


    Bravo Chicago!

  • Oh! San Fran too!


  • Ed

    That man actually lost part of his moustache due to a driver failing to yeild!
    Someone send this to the NYPD please…

  • I watched this video when it was officially unveiled by the Active Transportation Alliance a couple of months ago. It really is extraordinary. As a Chicago cyclist, I have no complaints and all praise.

  • gecko

    Great stuff!

  • ShawRes

    dc police just ignore everything

  • Anonymous

    Meh. Our police in Chicago are pretty useless when it comes to traffic enforcement.

  • Thank you for embedding and linking to our video.

    We have two additional bicycling-related videos on our website:

  • PCC

    I’m the cyclist who nearly gets doored and nearly gets left-hooked in this video. (The dooring sequence took a whole lot of takes, since I’m not used to riding that close to the door zone!)

    Anyhow, it’s a great video and I’m proud to have taken part — but I still have close calls with doors pretty much every single day, and drivers still yell at ME to watch out. I’m still available if CPD wants to make a video for driver’s ed…



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