Eyes on the Street: Holland on the Hudson


Streetsblog San Francisco’s Bryan Goebel attended the NY400 event yesterday, where Dutch Cabinet Minister Frans Timmermans presented Deputy Mayor Robert C. Lieber and NYC & Company CEO George
Fertitta with 200 orange commuter bikes as part of a year-long commemoration of "four hundred years of friendship between the Netherlands
and the City of New York." To mark the 400th anniversary of Henry
Hudson’s arrival, the bikes arrived in Manhattan via
a water taxi on the Hudson River.

The bikes will be used for special events throughout the year, then will be donated to Recycle-A-Bicycle

Bryan reports that the event, which included a tour of the Hudson River Greenway and a ride to the Museum of the City of New York, was tempered by the pedestrian injuries and deaths at the hands of a motorist during a Queens Day parade in the Netherlands.

See more of Bryan’s photos on Flickr, and visit City Room for more NY400 coverage.

  • Bike and Roll, the rental/tour company, was in charge of putting them together when they first arrived. My boyfriend is one of the mechanics. I got to test ride one around the warehouse–very comfy and solid.

  • the Dutch have a lot to teach us about livable streets. the traffic calming movement began in Delft in the 60’s with parents putting furniture in the street. Bike share, shared streets, and many innovative bike lane designs also were first pioneered in Dutch Cities. the Dutch “polder” is fundamental to all of this– the land they have is precious (taken from the sea) and requires consensus planning to manage and maintain it for the benefit of everyone. there’s a great story here if any of your s’bloggers are motivated and have time to write it.

  • Good idea. Step thru frames. Easier to dismount in a hurry.

    I hope these bikes don’t get stolen or vandalized .

    Where can I rent one? I live on Long Island, and while I can bring my bike into Manhattan on an LIRR train, only off peak trains permit bikes. So I would be stuck at Pennsylvania Station from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM waiting for an off peak train.

    Renting a bike is a good idea.

  • Bob


    Not to hijack this thread, but have you considered a folding bike? LIRR allows them on board at all times. I’ve done it and they’re very nice about it.

    A little bike like a brompton can come to your seat with you, but even clumsier folders (Xootr Swift and various Dahons come to mind) can go on the LIRR without attracting negative attention from conductors.

  • Bas

    Being Dutch myself and having visited NY a couple of times now I have a question: where would you New Yorkers use the bikes we send you? Last time I visited NY I either missed the bike lanes or they weren’t even around. Anybody have any idea on how to use your bike in NYC-traffic without being run over?


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