DOT and HUD Team Up for TOD

The Network is abuzz today with the news of the federal Sustainable Communities Initiative, a joint project of the departments of Transportation and Housing and Urban Development, unveiled yesterday by secretaries Ray LaHood and Shaun Donovan. Matthew Yglesias and Ryan Avent have weighed in, as has The Transport Politic, writing:

The announcement of this livable communities initiative is great news and suggests a new era of transit-oriented development. Though the program will not be funded separately, nor mandate density changes in cities, it will provide a centralized planning system that communities can follow to improve their livability and transit usage. Encouraging metropolitan areas to see transportation and housing as one, greater issue is a good first step.

At the very least, notes Yglesias: "For the past several years a number of jurisdictions who’ve had good
ideas have found themselves stymied by a hostile federal government.
Now we’re looking at a the reverse — a federal government that’s trying,
as best it can, to actually encourage best-practices and lay the foundation for sustainable economic growth."

Though the news is not so great in Oregon and Colorado, where Bike Portland and Bike Denver report that pro-cycling laws are under attack, UrbanCincy and The Indy Cog are encouraged by new efforts to promote riding in New Orleans and Fort Wayne, Indiana. Plus, Greater Greater Washington wonders if the government should continue to subsidize highway rest stops.

  • Jhendrickson1978

    Does anyone associated with, or reading this web site know that “smart
    growth” and “sustainable” communities is part of a worldwide effort on
    the part of the United Nations to prohibit humans from even VISITING
    about 90% of the land in the world? You’re being pushed into densely
    populated urban areas, with small rental units, localized
    transportation, and every activity of every human being monitored. It’s
    called United Nations Agenda 21. Go ahead and laugh, but google it, too.
    Depopulation of 90% by the end of this century. Gonna do that by
    attrition? Don’t think so……

    The UN is going to control your life. Man-made global warming, and
    so-called climate change are both hoaxes invented to scare you into

    Wake up.

  • Anonymous

    Sounds awesome!  Maybe that will get me out of my car, and finally make my butt smaller.  Who knew that the UN was the new Jenny Craig?

    And as for the “wake up”, I think this guy’s comment on a 2009 article means he’s been asleep for 2 years.

  • Eric McClure

    If it’s on The Google, it’s gotta be true.  Am placing foil hat on head now to block out transmissions.