More Detail on NYC’s Car-Free Broadway Plan

For more detail on New York City’s plan to turn Broadway into pedestrian-priority street from Columbus Circle to Madison Square, here is the Department of Transportation’s presentation:

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  • Larry Littlefield

    The more I see it, the more I like it.

    Especially the idea of doing a temporary pilot project, and collecting real facts to decide whether to make it permanent. As opposed to allowing knee-jerk opposition and made up facts to oppose doing anything to start with.

    I doubt the data will be of use elsewhere, but the idea will be. How about 5th Avenue and Fulton Street in Brooklyn?

    I wonder if sales taxes are collected by individual store? If so, the state would have before and after data.

  • JK

    Aaron, I couldnt get a clear image of the the Columbus Ave and 34th to 26th improvements on Sblog or slide share. Do you have individual frames of those plan views you could post? Most coverage has missed those improvements, and missed the implication that the volume on those streets will probably decrease so much that they will be good candidates for pedestrianizing in the near future.

  • This are very good advices , I will try to check out all things, thanks for this post.


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