First Order of Business for Carrión: Bike to the White House Day?


Here’s newly appointed White House director of Urban Affairs Adolfo Carrión back in his Bronx Borough President days, striking a pose with Transportation Alternatives’ Noah Budnick in 2006. The picture was snapped on Bike to Work Day, which Carrión observed every year by sponsoring a ride.

Overall, his record as an urbanist left much to be desired, with a notable soft spot for parking-heavy development projects. It remains to be seen exactly what the Urban Affairs post will coordinate, but Carrion is dropping hints that land use and transportation will be part of the mix. Reports the Washington Post:

Carrión said he would help coordinate urban policy in traditional areas
such as education, health care and public safety. But he also said he
would look to develop urban neighborhoods in environmentally thoughtful
ways, such as by offering incentives for companies to locate in densely
populated areas and improving mass transit.

  • Among potential Bronx-based candidates to head up the White House Office of Urban Affairs, Majora Carter was about 1000% more qualified than Adolfo Carrion, IMHO.

    Carrion should have been disqualified for his support of the new Yankee Stadium park-grab alone.

    This is not change I can believe in, President Obama.

  • aaron

    Two drivers broke multiple laws this morning. I was almost killed twice today while I was riding my bike to work. No exaggeration. In both cases, I was obeying all the laws of the road.

    I ride to work everyday. Sucking in deadly fumes for a half hour each way. And then park my bike outside.

    The building I work at doesn’t allow bikes in their elevators, but employees can save lots of tax money by parking their car in the underground parking garage of the building.

    All I have to say is, FUCK LIVING.

  • dan

    “ONE FEWER CAR” Can we get this right, please? The grocery stores with the “10 items or less” lanes are the worst offenders.

  • “One less car” is how we say it in New York, Dan. This ain’t the Midwest. Get used to it.


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