Nadler Amendment Clears Rules Committee. Floor Vote Next.

A spokesman for Jerrold Nadler confirms that the amendment to boost transit funding in the stimulus package has cleared the House Rules Committee. That means the full House will decide whether to add $3 billion in transit investment to the economic recovery bill — a vote that could take place as soon as noon tomorrow. The most important House member to call now is the one who represents you.

Also on the horizon: getting the Senate to include funding for transit service in its version of the stimulus bill.

  • This is great. I feel pretty confident that this will pass the full House vote thanks to the Democratic majority. Several long-time transit opponents have been removed from Congress over the past couple of years and have been replaced by supporters.

    From my early conversations with newly elected Steve Driehaus (D-OH), who replaced Steve Chabot (R-OH), it seems that he will be a big transit supporter even going as far to say that their should be a dedicated revenue source for Amtrak (or some sort of commuter rail service) that he thinks could even be funded by taxes on the Big Oil companies (stay tuned).

  • Lee

    ohh, it’s too bad I don’t have a rep. in the House I can contact about this and I have to question the legitimacy of one of my senators…