Eyes on the Street: Obama Takes Manhattan


A scene from Midtown early this morning, after Barack Obama was named president-elect.


On the A downtown from Inwood, new passengers were welcomed with screams and cheers at every stop. It was standing room only by the time the train reached 42 Street.


New Yorkers lined the sidewalks in Times Square. Cars rolled through slowly, drivers honking, with passengers hanging from windows waving Obama signs.




Unlike Times Square, by 2 a.m. NBC’s "Election Plaza" at Rockefeller Center had pretty much cleared out.


Photos 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7: Brad Aaron
Photo 6: Jennifer Aaron

  • I didn’t even have to leave my apartment to hear the cheering. It erupted into the courtyard.

  • Allen

    What a great night!

  • Thank you for posting this. I had a great time at home with friends and family, but I did very much want to see the celebrations on the streets of NYC–but it was impractical to get anywhere hot like Union or Times Square.

    Sure, I’ve seen a few great NYC Election Night pics in the mainstream media, but in this post, Streetsblog of course shows it from more the perspective I would have had. I’m still on a cloud.

  • Also, any other streetsbloggers/readers have the crazy realization, “Hey! Car horns are music to my ears!”?


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