Streetfilms: JUMP Aboard the Boulder Bus

The third Streetfilm in Clarence Eckerson’s Boulder series has a lot of good ideas for cities looking to make bus service a viable alternative to driving. In the words of former mayor Will Toor, Boulder’s bus system has evolved over the last 20 years from a "social service" to a mode "that can compete for people who have other choices." Today, more than a quarter of the city’s population rides the bus every day.

The keys to building ridership? High-frequency service, catchy branding (sample route names: JUMP, DASH and BOLT), and the Eco Pass — a card that allows local employees and residents to ride buses system-wide for free.

Inspired by Boulder’s bus branding, Clarence is holding the first Streetfilms T-shirt contest. To enter, submit a creative name for a New York City bus line by this Friday. The pokiness of our local buses seems to be the major inspiration for entries so far.

  • Larry Littlefield

    I think it’s possible that a large share of the NYC bus system is going to be shut down.

    The MTA has been unable to borrow. What happens when the United States is unable to borrow?

    Remember, half of the MTA budget will be going to debts, pensions and retiree health care. So a 10% loss in income means a 20% loss of service.

  • Andy B from Jersey

    Deathtrap Alert! At time point 1:58 – Bidirectional sidepath (as if single direction sidepaths weren’t dangerous enough).

    Otherwise the video is really awesome and demonstrates some ideal ways how to incorporate bicycles with transit. I really like how they provide bicycle racks at bus stops, just in case the bus racks are full.

  • Mike

    Bottom up approach. Oh novel. How does NYC add new bus routes? I have lived in 5 years and I have seen any outreach to commununity by MTA on new routes. Brooklyn and any other areas have changing living patterns and needs new bus routes.

  • Have Bus Will Travel

    Geez, this makes so much sense. I’ll bet we could re-do bus routes city wide with a new approach, probably cut 10% of routes, save $$$, and have more frequent service.

    Can someone organize a bus rider’s summit?

  • How about the Fordham Road JUGGERNAUT — put tank-treads on the bus and ride right over anything parked in the bike lane.