DOT to Hold Woodhaven Boulevard Forum Tonight


Here’s another opportunity for livable streets advocates to make themselves heard tonight: DOT will be hosting a public input session regarding congestion on Woodhaven Boulevard in Queens, focusing on the area between Queens Boulevard and Liberty Avenue.

Subjects to be discussed include: Traffic Volume, Roadway Alignment, Mass Transit, Physical Constraints and the Service Road.

There have been over half a dozen pedestrian fatalities
and scores of ped- and bike-involved crashes on and along
Woodhaven since 1995, according to Transportation Alternatives’ CrashStat. So presumably safety will be part of the discussion as well.

  • Time: 5:30 p.m.
  • Location: Forest Hills Community Library, 108-19 71st Avenue (between Queens Boulevard and 110th Street)
  • More info: Andrew Lenton, NYC DOT: 212-676-7985

Map of Woodhaven/Queens Blvd/LIE interchange: CrashStat

  • Woodhaven Boulevard is one of the most promising corridors for street-level rapid transit (BRT or light rail) in the city. I hope it’s one of the options considered at this meeting.

  • Car and Care Free

    Considering there was supposed to be a subway line running under here, it’s high time for SOMETHING.

    And that diagram only begins to tell the story about those dangerous intersections, especially on account of vehicles rushing in/out of the LIE ramps.

    And to think, someday I’ll be too old to artfully dodge traffic. DOT, please calm these streets!

  • Michael1

    Cap’n Transit, that’s what I was thinking! Unfortunately, I can’t make it and I live on Woodhaven Blvd. That street’s design is obscure in so many places when I drive, I can’t even imagine when I bike. Personally, I would go with light rail, it uses clean energy and you can carry many people at once. The objective should be to build a transit line to help alleviate overcrowding on the Q11/Q53, while also readjusting the service road width to accomodate bikes. The service road can be reduced to a one-lane travel lane, with a buffered bike lane. This is such short notice but I hope they give another meeting so I can really tell them some more ideas, especially around the Queens Mall area.

  • Michael, in my experience you don’t need to be at that meeting to make your feelings known to the DOT. You can call Mr. Lenton at the number listed above, or contact Borough Commissioner McCarthy or Commissioner Sadik-Khan. Here’s contact info for the DOT, or you can always call 311:


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