Concierge? I’d Like a Bike, Please

The line between activism and marketing gets blurrier each time Earth Day rolls around, but here’s some corporate greening we’re happy to see.

puma_bike.jpgW Hotels is launching a program where guests can take a Puma bike for a spin at no charge. Most W locations in the US and Canada will participate, the exceptions being in cities with more than one W. (In New York, this means two out of five Ws get bikes — the Union Square and the Court.) Each hotel will have two bikes available, which may not seem like many, but it sure beats zero bikes. The offer will last at least until the end of 2008, and it may continue if interest is strong enough, according to a W spokesperson.

Come 2009, who knows, maybe we’ll see four bikes per hotel.

  • Bike riding is catching on even up here in Westchester. We have added bike routes and many bike trails here.

  • galvo

    This is good, i would hope that if the guest demands exceed the two bike supply the hotel will work to accomadate by getting more bikes. Hopefully this will start a trend as a value added service for the hotels. i am not sure where all the w hotels are, but this could also work as a bike share for the hotels if they got onboard. Take a bike from a Union Square W drop it off at the W nearest your destination, so no worries and hassles with locking it up. Call the hotel when finished and see if bike is still available and go back to pick it up, or have the hotel deliver it to you. I am not sure what price the W charges a night, but IMO it would not cost a lot to provide this service. pedicabs could be outfitted as bike delivery services for the hotels.
    People need to boycott gas when feasible. Manhattan is one of the ideal places for travelers to initiate a gas boycott.
    To convert the unconverted this could be
    spun and marketed into a trendy and cool act for high profile guest visiting nyc.
    This would be much better trend than the rayban aviator glasses and ugg boots.

  • On a related note, this “residence hotel” keeps bikes right out front:

    I had assumed these bikes belonged to a family that lived there, but after this story I’m wondering if these are kept for the general use of residents. Note the two adult and two child bikes.

  • da

    A couple of years ago my Swedish cousin visited town with her fiance (or was it her husband?) and stayed at the Soho Grand, and I met them for a bike tour of NYC. I was going to rent bikes for them but it turned out the hotel offers these heavy-duty military/police bikes for use by guests… the bikes are made in Sweden!

  • willis

    The Tribeca Grand Hotel also offers bike rentals for guests (without a Puma endorsement). My mother stayed there last summer and we took two cruisers out for an afternoon.

  • Stacy

    How about some hotels with bicycle parking/storage for touring guests who have brought their own bicycles?



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