Obama Endorses Pricing as “Thoughtful and Innovative”

bloobama.jpgLast month Barack Obama released details of a vaguely encouraging transportation platform, pledging investment in rail and "livable communities." Today the Democratic presidential candidate endorsed congestion pricing.

In town for a speech and fundraising events, Obama was introduced at Cooper Union by Mayor Bloomberg this morning.

WNYC reports:

Speaking not far from Wall Street, Barack Obama told a Manhattan audience that the US needs better oversight of national financial markets, help for financially stressed homeowners and an additional $30 billion stimulus package.

REPORTER: Later, in an exclusive interview with WNYC, Senator Obama said he supports congestion pricing.

OBAMA: I think Mayor Bloomberg’s proposal for congestion pricing is a thoughtful and innovative approach to the problem.

REPORTER: Obama said congestion pricing should not replace federal funding of mass transit.

Maybe this will take some more air out of the right-wing conspiracy theory, propagated most vocally by Congressman Anthony Weiner.

In the interest of equal time (sort of), Bill Clinton has also expressed approval for pricing — and cycling.

Photo: AP

  • momos

    Yes we can!

  • Felix

    But Hillary’s boy, DiBlasio, is too much of a wimp to show leadership on this issue.

  • Why wouldn’t he? Congestion pricing is just re-arranging deck chairs.

  • No, it’s a course correction. Maybe it’s not enough of one but your doomsaying is not helpful.

  • Course correction or distraction?

  • bureaucrat

    Whether or not congestion pricing is a distraction, your comments are certainly an unconstructive distraction.

  • Agreed. Bureaucrat and Doc Barnett, comments withdrawn.