Today’s Headlines

  • Why Congestion Pricing Benefits Poor Communities (Metro)
  • The Post Tries to Have It Both Ways on Pricing
  • Entering London’s Congestion Zone Now Costs $394 for Some Trucks (Bloomberg)
  • New Subway Security Measures to Include Rifles, Dogs (AM, 2nd Ave Sagas)
  • Fare Hike Leads Straphangers to Economize on MetroCard Use (AM)
  • Ferry Commuters Bemoan Water Taxi Service Cuts (Brooklyn Paper)
  • Wife Attacks Husband With Car (News, AP)
  • DKNY Marketing Campaign ‘Borrows’ Ghost Bike Imagery (Bike Blog)
  • Ticker-Tape on Broadway Tomorrow (Post)
  • JF

    The Metro op-ed in favor of congestion pricing by Mark-Viverito has already swayed one Queens blogger. If she’s the one to introduce the bill to the city council, that would send an important message.

  • Larry Littlefield

    Funny that they are doing it now. NY Magazine has an article on the early 1990s recession.

    What the article doesn’t talk about, probably because most of the readers don’t rely on public services, is the effect the recession had on them.

    The practice of borrowing massively for ongoing normal replacement dates to those days, after 15 years of responsible budgeting in the wake of the fiscal crisis. Pataki, Giuliani etc. kept the practice going even during boom years.

    The state’s decision to cut aid to the city’s schools while increasing it for the rest of the state drove a generation of middle class parents out of the city, and undid the schools’ 1980s recovery leaving them nearly as bad off as at the nadir of the fiscal crisis.

    Cuts in parks and recreation set off the policy of only having decent parks in places where revenues pay for them.


    The related article on surviving the recession does mention walking or biking instead of taking a taxi. Taxi? Only rich people take taxis.

  • Jonathan

    Larry, the NY Mag article didn’t mention the city’s bike-helmet giveaway, if it’s still going on. As for taxis, Your “only rich people take taxis” line contrasts with Doc B’s assertion last week that taxis are

    the one kind of car that every New Yorker can occasionally make use of.

    Myself, I think people take taxis because bus service is so underwhelming.

  • Braddy

    What happens when the orange DKNY bikes become stripped, rusted frames?

  • Jonathan

    Presumably DOT will get the advertiser to remove them or pay a fine; if stickers on the sidewalk are illegal, I don’t see why these orange boat anchors wouldn’t be.


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