Bill Clinton Agrees: Cycling Is Good Citizenship

14409740_306ff1290a.jpgFrom a Streetsblog tipster:

I was riding my usual route home from work, which includes a left turn from Broadway onto 17th St., when I spotted a medium sized crowd outside of the Union Square Barnes & Noble. I remembered that Bill Clinton was scheduled to appear there, and figured it must be him. I turned toward the crowd and was surprised I was allowed to ride right up to it and dismount. As I approached, I spotted that recognizable silver hair and ruddy complexion. He was making his way up and down the crowd, shaking hands. I tried to think of what kind of exchange I might get to have with the former President that would be more meaningful than a handshake. Happily, I remembered that I was displaying on my shoulder bag my banner that reads, "cycling is good citizenship." I held it up over the heads of the admiring crowd for Bill to see it. As he made his way past my spot, I saw him squint a bit to read the sign, and then, he said with a smile and a finger pointed at me, "I agree!"

Photo: dbking/Flickr

  • Yet another reason to love (or hate) the man.

  • lee

    damn i wanted to see him and was unable to go yesterday. I just wanted him to tell that he feels my pain. then i could imagine that it was 1996 and there was peace and prosperity.

  • Eric

    Geez, the guy’s legacy is clouded by major missed opportunities due to his well documented predilections for things about which he certainly should’ve known better, but man, oh man, I sure do miss him.

  • MrManhattan

    I say we draft him for Mayor.

    He cleaned up our streets by giving “Piccolo Duce” all that money to flood the city with cops (hence the name of the grant: C.O.P.S., not mentioned in any Guilaini propaganda)

    He was responsible for the huge Wall street gains without decimating the US dollar, yielding the greatest quality of life improvement for New Yorkers this century.

    If we could only get Hillary to give up Westchester for Manhattan, we’d all be set !!

  • t

    Maybe he should take Hillary’s senate seat if she gets elected president. Seems like a fair trade…



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