CB4 Votes Tonight on a Revised Hell’s Kitchen


In order to foster ideas on how to reclaim 9th Avenue from Lincoln Tunnel traffic, the Clinton/Hell’s Kitchen Pedestrian Safety Coalition (CHEKPEDS) sponsored a six month community input process designed by Project for Public Spaces. The process began with a design workshop in January, and has evolved into an impressive final report (PDF). Some highlights from the report:

When asked to describe the issues facing Clinton/Hell’s Kitchen, local residents and business owners identified safety, traffic congestion, and lawlessness as their top challenges. These problems hamper the access of many user groups and diminish the identity of 9th Avenue. Unchecked traffic and congestion are the root of each problem identified.



Resident survey questions asked users to indicate their primary means of mobility. Despite the fact that 25% of Community District 4 residents own a car, survey responses show that very few residents use private automobiles as their primary mode of transportation. 

Short-term improvements can be accomplished with little cost and within one year or less. Immediate action needs to be taken to improve public safety and reduce traffic congestion. Each short-term action should be treated as an learning opportunity that will inform future streetscape designs, public policies and the allocation of the public right of way.

Community Board 4 will hold a vote tonight on adopting report findings as "the official community vision." If that happens, the report will be incorporated as community input in the federally funded engineering study of entrances to the Lincoln Tunnel. The meeting is at Roosevelt Hospital, 10th Ave. and 58th St., at 6:30 p.m.

  • rhubarbpie

    Too bad CB 4 signed off on the massive Hudson Yards proposal, which will bring a great deal more traffic congestion, trucks, etc. to the neighborhood.

  • beng

    how final is that signing off? is there nothing CB 4 or others can do to at least scale back the hudson yards project or alter it (ie more park/less development)

  • rhubarbpie

    My understanding is that the community board, along with local elected officials, have pretty much supported the whole scheme — other than the stadium originally proposed — from the very beginning.

    And all evidence shows that they have, since there has been essentially no change in the plan’s scale and its basic outline, including the unnecessary extension of the 7 line (bus rapid transit is cheaper and a smarter use of money).

  • rhubarbpie

    In other words, don’t expect much in the way of resistance there.